ProFloridian Claims Consultants, a professional water damage public adjuster based in Fort Lauderdale, can make complicated claim procedures easy to follow and complete. So, the number one reason for hiring a public adjuster is efficiency. PAs possess unmatched experience and knowledge regarding property claims and insurance policies. They’re experts when it comes to assessing water damage and documenting it. While you may miss important aspects or overlook specific details, a public adjuster won’t do that. Overlooking damage and preparing insufficient documentation is a recipe for underpaid claims. Insurance companies won’t rectify your mistakes or help you obtain more money. It’s not in their best interest.

A water damage public adjuster, though, always represents your best interest. That’s because public adjusting companies work based on commissions, not upfront fees. They have all the reasons to do a good job in assessing your water damage and obtaining the maximum settlement for your losses. The bigger the compensation, the bigger their commission is. However, the leftover money will be enough to cover all your losses required to restore your home to an undamaged state. Hiring a public adjuster to help you with the water damage claim will result in a more significant settlement for you!

How can a public adjuster help me?

Filing a water damage claim involves ample procedures, damage assessments, and losses documentation. If the damage is extensive and severe, a home value estimation is also needed. Lastly, it would be best if you estimated the repair costs relative to the incurred damage. Homeowners have all the chances to make mistakes during the claim procedures due to the lack of experience with insurance claims. A public adjuster can take on all your responsibilities and perform all the procedures for you. This includes the initial damage assessment, documentation, home evaluation, and estimation of the repair costs.

Water damage may be sourced back to a leaking roof, an overflowing toilet, or a flood. The specific cause of the incident needs to be clarified and linked to the water damage present in your home. Without this connection and ample evidence of your losses, the insurance company will either deny the claim or underpay it. A top-notch public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale like ProFloridian Claims Consultants knows these things well. With their experience and knowledge of property claims and insurance policy regulations, PAs always file successful claims. Their clients receive fair and reasonable settlements that cover all the repair expenses. Obtaining this is almost impossible without a public adjuster to guide you!

Accuracy in assessing water damage

The main reason to use a water damage public adjuster is accuracy in determining the extent and severity of the incurred damage. You may not notice essential damage initially, and your insurer won’t correct you either. Their best interest is to pay you less money. For instance, water damage fosters the appearance of mold due to the high humidity and moisture. If an area of the house retains the moisture from the water damage, mold will evolve in time. A public adjuster performs efficient damage assessments and inspects the premises of your home in great detail.

The public adjusters’ experience with water damage allows them a keener perspective and a better understanding of likely water damage scenarios. They’re always meticulous and vigilant when assessing a client’s home for water damage. After all, the more meticulous they are, and the more evidence they gather, the bigger the client’s settlement. Consequently, they receive a more substantial commission from the insurance settlement. With this incentive, a public adjuster is always accurate and comprehensive when filing water damage claims.

It’s never too late to contact a public adjusting company to help you file a water damage claim!

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