You shout in frustration as you drop to the same boss for the 5th time. You can’t get out of the way of its ranged attacks fast enough. Maybe the controller that you have plugged into your PC isn’t doing it for you anymore.

Timing is everything when it comes to gaming. Sometimes the smallest millisecond can be the difference between life and death. A gaming mouse and keyboard can improve your response time by a lot.

Enough that you won’t fall to the same boss monster a million times during your raid. Moving your character faster isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive when you make the switch. Check out this guide to learn more.

Keyboard Vs Controller

The keyboard and mouse have individual benefits over using a controller. First, let’s talk about how a keyboard can up your gaming experience.

Keyboards are Designed to Be Comfortable

How long do you usually play a game when you sit down at your computer? Your answer is probably more than a few hours. When you lose track of time gaming with friends, you could spend an entire day at your desk.

This being said, comfort is something that’s going to matter a lot to you. Keyboards have well-spaced out keys so you don’t have to stretch your fingers out too far to hit a button. They are made to fit your hands.

Controllers aren’t quite as ergonomic so you may experience some hand cramping after a while of playing

Mechanical Keyboards Are a Thing

A lot of gaming keyboards come equipped with mechanical keys. You don’t need to press too hard in order to type. This is great for a couple of reasons.

For one, the fact that you don’t have to use a lot of force gives your fingers some relief. For two, you’ll be able to move your character and perform actions in-game a lot faster. Even if the mechanical keys only let you move a millisecond quicker, it could be enough to save your life.

Macros Make Playing Games Easy

Perhaps the biggest advantage keyboards have over controllers is macros keys. Macros are rows of keys on the gaming keyboard that you can customize to do different things in your favorite games.

You can go as far as assigning more than one task to a single key. It saves time in-game which can give you a competitive edge against your enemies.

Custom Control Pads

Not all gaming keyboards come with custom control pads but the ones that do have them are nice. These control pads do the same thing that the WASD keys do but they’re easier to use and reach.

Since you’ll be able to move your character easier, it won’t be as hard for you to move out of the way and avoid devastating attacks.

Backlights are King

Backlights aren’t a necessary feature but they are pretty cool. You can customize them to be whatever color you want which in its own special way, can make playing games more fun.

Pretty lights won’t help you move your character easier or avoid attacks from your enemies but it does allow you to play games in any kind of lighting. For example, if you’re playing a horror game and want to create the right mood you’ll be able to turn off all the lights and still see what you’re doing.

Mouse vs Controller

You’re going to want to pick up the best vertical gaming mouse to go with that keyboard. They’re more durable than a traditional mouse, they’re comfortable to use, and you can customize them much like you can the keyboard.

They’re Durable

After a year or so of using your PlayStation controller, it breaks. Your character begins moving by themselves and the camera drifts. It’s gotten you killed more than once before.

Gaming mice are made to be a bit sturdier. The buttons are designed to take large amounts of punishment since you’ll be using them for hours upon hours each day. Since they are more durable than a controller, you won’t have to replace them as often which means you can save money.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Gaming mice are created to conform to the shape of your hand to give you the most comfortable gaming session imaginable. Gaming mice aren’t one size fits all. They come in different sizes and grips to stop your hand from wearing out.

All you have to do is browse around until you find one that works for you.

Easy Customization

Many gaming mice come with customizable buttons on the side. You can assign them to do various tasks in all of your games.

For example, if you play a lot of MMOs you can assign your powers and abilities to the side buttons. This will allow you to use them faster which will improve your response times by a lot.

It Makes Everyday Tasks Easier

Gaming mice aren’t only good for gaming. You can use them to perform everyday tasks like copy and paste large paragraphs of text.

You can use the buttons to switch from browser tab to browser tab. You can empty your trash bin with the press of a button. You can launch your apps without having to look for them.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with a Mouse and Keyboard

Are you looking to enhance your gaming experience? Using a mouse and keyboard can increase your response times and make it easier to control your character than a standard controller can. Buying a good set will cost you more than a PlayStation or Xbox controller but it’s more than worth it for the product quality.

Need help picking out a good mouse and keyboard? Check out our blog daily for the latest gaming product reviews.

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