Our jewelry collection may have shrunk the past year, but our love for jewelry has certainly not. One of the few essential lessons this pandemic has taught us is the value of essentials. The few things that matter should be part of our lives, not all of them. For luxurious jewelry, the advice is the same.

If adding a luxurious piece to your jewelry collection is what your heart wishes, you should go for it instead of buying some inconsequential pieces that serve no purpose. From diamond pendants to platinum bracelets, you can choose from some worthy contestants in the market. A glimpse of them fills you with a desire to adorn it someday.

Luxurious Jewelry Collection

An excellent economic sense also suggests that rather than buying many articles with less value, you should go for one solid piece that’s also a healthy investment option. It all adds up.

Although, finding such pieces could be tricky. Zeroing misinformation to the one you wish to have becomes a task with the bundles of misinformation out there. We have put together a simple list of four such jewelry pieces to save you from the drama. Have a read and decide for yourself.

Update for Your Jewelry Collection

1. Diamond Pendant


While taking a plunge to invest in luxurious jewelry collections, one can begin their journey by going with something simple and timeless. This will allow women to use their jewelry more often and efficiently for different outfits and occasions.

Just like a pair of studs that can be worn each day, a diamond pendant is a crucial choice for every woman’s wardrobe. It can instantly add a personal touch of glamour, shine, and brilliance to your outfit and make you look rich and refined for work.

Women can also indulge in colorful stones to add a burst of color, character, and personality into their jewelry; the choice is entirely theirs. Tanzanite pendants are enigmatic embellishments that can instantly elevate an everyday look without putting in too much effort.

The rare Zoisite crystal is a blend of different hues, ranging from deep blue to purple and burgundy, depending on which angle you view it. It looks no less than a Blue Sapphire and is the perfect luxury piece that you can style over and over with several outfits.

2. Crystal Danglers


High-quality adornments come at a high price, which is why it’s better to lean towards classic and chic designs that women can pair with several attires. Crystal danglers are seriously sophisticated, subtle, and highly fancy, and the easiest way to amp up an outfit.

While diamond danglers may be effortless to pull off, adding crystals to the picture can steal the spotlight for their natural, bold pigments. Shungite jewelry is the best pick for power dressing and creating a statement look with fewer jewelry pieces.

In the last few years, women have increasingly worn it for the natural healing properties that can energize the body and protect it from negative forces. The mineral is known to have a rich content of crystallized carbon, called fullerenes, which gives it excellent purifying and anti-bacterial properties.

Women can wear it to bring relief to body aches, sore muscles, inflammation, etc. It also provides excellent personal protection from harmful EMFs.

3. Platinum Bar Bracelet

Bar Bracelet

Some adornments carry a classic and timeless approach, making it a great investment as it lasts for years. On most days, women want to sport an effortless style with their minimal jewelry pieces.

But they still want to feel confident and individualistic in their style, and nothing says it better than personalized bracelets. Platinum, on the other hand, has become a trendsetter in the fashion world.

It is the preferred choice of material for the biggest brands around the world. If there is one article you should definitely add to your jewelry collection, we recommend a platinum bar bracelet. It is trendy, it is fun, and above all, a solid investment option.

4. Colored Stone Tennis Bracelet

Stone Tennis Bracelet

Brighter colors and more shades of colors are what young brands and jewelry designers are bringing into the market. While tennis bracelets remain a strong symbol of power and style, adding some color makes it universal in nature.

The panache displays, when adorned for a special event, are unmatched. A colored stone tennis bracelet offers more than a regular one. It goes with many more outfits and offers a wide palate to play with.

It gives a more young and dynamic presence and uplifts the glamour quotient bit more. A look at it fills your heart with desire and charms you the way no other jewelry does. A perfect blend of form and function, a colored tennis bracelet in a diverse jewelry collection deserves to be.

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