Keeping your personal new year’s resolutions may be daunting but the U.S. will usher in lots of changes including a presidential transition and upcoming immigration changes in the year 2022. The last administration enacted immigration policies that the new administration found to be inhumane and that’s why the Biden-Harris immigration policies look to reform those of Trump’s administration with upcoming immigration changes.

New President Joe Biden has gone on the record stating that he wants to end restrictive bans on those migrating from predominantly Muslim countries and protect the 650,000 people who may have arrived in the U.S. illegally as minors, also referred to as the dreamers.

2022 Immigration Opportunities

2021 Immigration Opportunities


The first 100 days of the administration will focus on re-enacting successful immigration policies of the past like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a 2017 Obama era policies that protect 650,000 Dreamers. The Migration Policy Institute reports that these upcoming immigration changes could protect an additional 56,000 Americans now eligible for the program. Biden is even looking to expand the benefits of the program to include federal student aid to enhance higher education opportunities for Dreamers as well.

Muslim Ban

President Trump’s immigration policies emphasize limiting immigration from 13 countries, many of which are home to a majority Muslim population. The policy appeared to not only limit immigration but focus on specific types of people. 2022 could see a change in such policies and a symbolic shift in the nation’s immigration priorities. Learn more about how the upcoming immigration changes in 2022 affect you.

Zero Tolerance Correction Task Force

Zero Tolerance Correction Task Force

The Biden-Harris mission has also been very adamant about enacting a task force within the first 100 days of their administration to reunite the 545 children separated at the border from their families due to Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy. Even though the practice was ended in June of 2018 there are still families that remain separated due to poor records.

Border Wall

The Trump administration campaigned on the fact that they wanted to erect a border wall along the U.S. southern border that would be paid for by Mexico. Unable to secure the funding for the wall the Trump administration declared a national emergency which allowed for funding from the Department of Defense that paid for 400 miles of wall and repairs. The Biden administration pledges not to add another foot to the border wall, end the emergency declaration, and suspend all further construction on the border wall.

Asylum and Expulsion

Asylum and Expulsion

The Trump administration enacted metering policies that limited the number of individuals applying for asylum each day. The Biden team is looking to make changes to these policies as well as those who have been expelled or denied access to the country because of Covid-19 related restrictions.

Expulsions are being made each day due to Trump’s policies and some are being forced to remain outside of the country until their cases are heard. Though these upcoming immigration changes policies may seem troublesome and tasking the Biden team is considering ways to make lasting changes without exhausting the countries immigration resources.

The Biden-Harris administration is discussing upcoming immigration changes policies that will make it easier for businesses to acquire and retain top global talent and will incentivize those who do so. Modernizing the immigration process is important for the new administration. If you have questions about how the upcoming immigration changes affect you or your family, then contact an experienced immigration professional right now for ongoing support.

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