Old Habits Modernisation

These days people communicate with each other somewhat differently than they used to do half a century ago. New hobbies, new entertainment, new technologies have captured the world. Still, there are some well-known traditions that people follow, like gathering together for a barbecue. However, even such events are conducted differently from the one people did in the past.

Men do not need to go for fuelwood anymore. It is enough to buy some coal at the supermarket or to have an electric grill. Women are free of charge to marinate meat and vegies on the eve of the meeting; they also can buy the ready-made meat in the other department of the same supermarket. This concerns not only the fire and the food. Everything is made in a novel way.

Nowadays, vaping is a widespread way to spend your time. It has started supplanting smoking in the majority of the countries of the world. The history of the activity is quite famous already – the device was developed to help smokers giving up the habit. The death of the inventor’s father – who was a smoker – from lung cancer, inspired him to create the first e-cig in its modern format.

It has passed more than 15 years since electronic cigarettes were presented for the American and European markets. The devices have undergone several modifications (just as the tradition of barbecue did) like becoming a vape mod, pod, or e nail, and the popularity of good vapes (https://vapingdaily.com/best-vapes/) has not declined.

Vaping is on everyone’s lips (all forms of advertising starting from word-of-mouth marketing though prepaid vape reviews and ending target advertising in social networks), so it is quite challenging to outline the facts that nobody knows. However, it is possible to trace the most common delusions that people have about vaping.

1. Vaping Contest – a Real Thing

It might sound weird, but some special competitions exist where people try to win in cloud chasing. The participants of the competition have to present the most considerable vapor clouds. They try to use the best vaping devices for clouds’ production. For sure, the type of device, mouthpiece, and other things play an essential role in the process.

In fact, there are no specific universal rules for such competitions because the practice is not as widespread as, say, box or soccer. On the other hand, these competitions have become a profitable business, even for those who are not engaged in vaping habits. Some people just try to produce the most powerful vape pen and suggest them as best vapes to buy for the participants.

The thing is that you cannot predict the way you will perform your vaping session this time. Overall, the scale of such contests is not massive now. These competitions are more about having fun and socializing with other people and receiving nice presents and bonuses simultaneously.

2. Second Hand Vaping is Not a Myth

The beginning of vaping’s history was its presentation as harmless entertainment. Because of this fact, many people still believe that vaping is much better than smoking. What is more, some parents agree that their children use a vape pen after reading a couple of dubious vaping reviews, which is entirely unacceptable for an underage.

Although vape pens do not produce harmful tars from burnt tobacco products, there are some hazardous chemicals in the vapor that you would never read about in reviews on good vapes. It is even difficult to say whether vapes can be useful. Scientists claim that heavy metals, ultrafine particles, cancerogenesis, nicotine, and other toxic elements could be found in the vapor.

The direct link of vaping to several diseases is not specific, but the fact is that vaping damages your health is proven. The risk group includes people with bad health conditions (especially those who have problems with respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular systems), pregnant women, children, and even animals.

In fact, not only second hand vaping but also third hand vaping is dangerous. By third hand vaping, the contact with chemicals using other surfaces is meant. For example, if a dog licks the chair, where vapor has settled, he gets the toxins into his organism.

3. Nicotine is Not the Only Way

Probably, everyone knows that good vapes allow using both nicotine-free and nicotine-containing substances. However, these two options are not different in opposition to the spectrum. Vaping is the activity to consume almost everything. Depending on the vape tank (the more detailed info can be found in vape reviews), various substances get vaporized.

Firstly, it is possible to vape dry herbs. They can be either as innocent as chamomile, or a sting drug such as cannabis. Secondly, various waxes, shutters, and oils are available for vaporizing. Thirdly, people worldwide experiment with other substances (juices, liquids, food) and publish their vape reviews on the Internet, so that the recipes get popular around the world.

To sum up, being a new thing, vaping still can surprise us because it continually develops. The vapers think of some new substances, so they modify the best vapes from the existing ones and make them even better. This industry is not very young, but it is far from the ‘plateau’ condition.

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