Are you in the planning stage of building a new home? Then you should also consider choosing unique window shapes and design.

If so, then you understand that home construction is an exciting process. It can also be a bit overwhelming. After all, there are tons of details to consider and decisions to be made. This includes choosing the right materials for every aspect of your new house, choosing new window shapes, painting the house, and so on.

For example, choosing the best window shapes for every room of your home can be confusing when you don’t have all the information. Fortunately, this article can help. Here we look at the different types of windows available for residential construction. Keep reading to learn more about unique window designs that can take the aesthetics of your new house to the next level.

Double-Hung Window

Double-Hung Window

Here is a very common type of window in American homes. Their popularity is because they are affordable and easy to clean.

Double-hung windows feature upper and lower sashes that can be opened to clean the glass and increase ventilation in your home.

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Cottage Window

This type of window is a variant of the traditional double-hung window. The main difference is the fact that the upper sash is shorter than the lower sash. The cottage window is also commonly referred to as a “Georgian” or “Tudor” window.

Bay Windows

Cottage Window

Bay windows have been popular in homes for many decades. That’s because they offer a hexagonal shape and outward from that added detention to the interior design of your home.

These types of windows are especially great for providing the illusion of increased living space. They also add a lot of much-needed light to smaller rooms in your house.

Jalousie Window

For homeowners wanting to increase the amount of ventilation they have in their living space, jalousie windows are a great solution. They are available in several different types of materials and are easy to open and shut.

Glass Block Window

Glass Window

This type of window is ideal for maximizing privacy while also ensuring that the interior of your home receives plenty of sunlight.

Glass block Windows provide a frost-glass look that obscures the view inside your house. They are also beautiful and elegant, which will help to elevate the aesthetic of any living environment.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Unique Window Shapes

It’s no secret that building the home of your dreams can be a great experience. The key is to focus on getting the details right and choosing the best building materials. Fortunately, this guide to unique window shapes for residential homes will help make the finished product amazing.

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