With the legalization of marijuana sweeping through the United States, more cannabis lovers are looking for vacations that support and encourage their recreational activity.

Before, when you were on vacation, you most likely could not partake in any type of cannabis consumption, even in your hotel room. Today, things are a bit different.

If you’re interested in a guide of unique vacations that surround the use of marijuana, read on.

Adagio Bud and Breakfast in Denver, CO

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Denver, Colorado, is one of the most popular cannabis tourist destinations, and for good reason. Because it was one of the first places to legalize recreational marijuana, there are many dispensaries and cannabis-related activities to enjoy, especially in the downtown area.

One of the most unique spots is the Adagio Bud and Breakfast. This cannabis-friendly BnB offers complimentary wake and bake breakfasts, 4:20 appetizers, and late-night desserts. There are designated smoke areas, massages, and a hot tub.

If you’re looking for the ultimate weekend of relaxation, Adagio’s has you covered.

Puff, Pass, Paint in Los Angelos, CA

Puff, Pass, Paint in Los Angelos, CA

When you think of weed vacations, you can’t forget LA. This city has many quirky cannabis activities to enjoy, such as Puff, Pass, Paint.

Here, you bring your own weed and take an art class, participating in a two-hour-long smoke session while painting and socializing.

It’s similar to the Sip and Paint idea with a cannabis twist, so if you enjoy getting creative while you smoke, it’s a perfect addition to your LA vacation.

Dalwhinnie Farms in Aspen, CO

When you think of Colorado, you probably think of premium marijuana. When you’re considering vacations for cannabis users, you’re going to want to experience high quality.

Dalwhinnie Farms can do that for you, bringing you a 210-acre ranch that grows premier quality weed. They don’t just stop at the growing, though. They want you to enjoy your entire experience.

Dalwhinnie wants you to relax and enjoy yourself, no matter if you’re an expert or beginner cannabis user. Interested? Browse Dalwhinnie amenities here, and start planning your vacation to Aspen!

Sea of Green Cannabis Tours in Oakland, CA

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Often, taking marijuana vacations ultimately leads to the Bay area, so if you’re around, consider stopping by Oakland’s cannabis tours.

Here, you can take a tour that will spark all of your senses, learn about the current science and products, try gourmet food, and learn the industry’s history.

Whether you’re a new user or experienced, you will be sure to appreciate what you learn on the Sea of Green.

Consider These Unique Vacations for Your Next Trip

When you take vacations as a cannabis lover, they are bound to be unique vacations. While you don’t always have to work your trips around your marijuana, taking a cannabis-focused trip can allow you to enjoy it in a new and exciting way.

It can also allow you to meet other cannabis-enthused people, which may help to introduce you to even more cannabis-friendly vacation spaces.

If you still have the travel bug after reading this article, consider browsing through more of our website today. We have a ton of information on travel and lifestyle, so go check it out!

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