If you’re looking for unique travel ideas for active couples which is an unforgettable and adventurous experience, then sailing is a definite must. Surrounded by Turquoise waters, with a backdrop of picturesque coastlines, and candlelit dinners on the deck, the ocean is the most romantic setting for any couple’s retreat.

Be the captains of your own boat, or indulge in a little luxury and have a crew to see to your every needs. Wake up to new sites every day and explore hidden gems along your travels.

Whether you’re in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, a sailing holiday provides a unique experience for anyone in a relationship. One of the top online charter providers such as www.borrowaboat.com can find a range of charter boats to choose from, in the most popular and unspoilt locations.

Creating a Unique Travel Ideas For Active Couples

Tips to Remember About the Sea

The ocean is hugely romantic, with connotations of passion and lustful desires. A romantic sailing trip for active couples is an idyllic escape.

Whether you are sailing the Caribbean, exploring the British Virgin Islands, or the Bahamas, or you’re exploring the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean coastline, there are plenty of unique activities for a romantic getaway.

Here are some of the top things to try:

  • Indulge in sunset and candlelight dinners on the deck of your charter boat.
  •  Wake up to new locations every day when island hopping around coastlines
  • Taste the freshest seafood, and crispest vegetables on your travels
  • Snorkel, swim and dive in some of the most sea-life rich and clear waters
  • Explore hidden coves and secluded beaches with a paddleboard and/or kayak
  • Soak up the fresh salty sea air as you cruise along the gin-clear turquoise waters
  • Experience foreign cultures
  • Visit historical sites
  • Meet the friendly locals

With Borrow A Boat you can make all this a reality. Some of the most popular destinations includes the BVI’s, The Bahamas, Croatia and Greece.

What type of charter should active couples choose?

The type of charter you choose for you romantic getaway will depending largely on both your personalities and experience level. At Borrow A Boat your first choice is whether you opt for a bareback charter or a captained charter boat.

The main difference being that bareback charters mean you sail and captain the boat yourself, whereas on a captained charter you pay for a crew to sail you, and if included cook for you.

For the more adventurous couples a bareback charter may seem like the only option you wish to consider, however, for couples that want to simply sit back and relax together a captained charter is ideal.

Choosing between captained and bareback charters will mostly be governed by budget and experience, as you will need to hold relevant sailing qualifications in order to charter and sail a boat yourselves.

Type of boat

Afford Traveling

Once you have decided on captained or bareback charter options, you will need to decide on the type of boat you wish to charter for your romantic, yet active getaway.

Borrow A Boat provide a wide range of boats that you can charter anywhere from the Caribbean to Europe and beyond, including:

Monohull Sailboat

For the adventurous and active couples, a monohull provides a true sailing experience.


Providing a more stable sailing experience, the catamaran is ideal for novices and experienced sailors alike. With a spacious interior the Catamaran adds a luxury feel to the adventure and enough room to entertain friends and family, if required.

If sailing isn’t your primary goal on the getaway, then consider a motor catamaran. Explore coastlines and hidden coves at your own pace, without the reliance on the wind and gain space on the deck for relaxation and fine dining.


Motorboat charters are ideal for couples that like to set their own itinerary and don’t like to be governed by the weather. Without the need for wind to sail you have total freedom and flexibility to explore.

How to make your romantic getaway extra special

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, on honeymoon or you are just seeking a romantic getaway together, when charting a boat there are many ways in which your holiday can become extra special:

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  • Charter a captained boat, with crew onboard you can sit back and relax, focusing on spending time with your loved one
  • Enjoy sundowners on deck, just the two of you or entertain other couples or friends you meet along you’re the way
  • Taste the fresh local cuisine while watching the sunset
  • Make the most of breakfast in bed cooked by your private chef, when charting a crewed boat
  • Spend the day snorkelling in gin clear waters, coming face to face with the local marine life
  • Explore secluded beaches and secret coves
  • Create a new adventure everyday with limitless sites to see, waters to explore and people to meet
  • Relax onboard or explore the local towns on foot
  • Indulge in luxury with the more high-end charter boats on offer.

With flexibility, freedom and endless possibilities for adventure, chartering a sailing boat is the ideal escape.

With the wind in your air, sun on your face, picturesque coastlines and crystal-clear waters around you, your sailing holiday will provide a unique and memorable experience.


From the Adriatic Sea to the reef-lined coats of the BVI’s, with Borrow A Boat you can charter a boat of your choice in almost any exotic and picturesque location across the world.

Expand your sailing experience, explore hidden coves, meet new people and spend quality time with your loved one, sailing is ideal travel ideas for active couples. Whether you sail the boat yourselves, or you charter a crewed yacht, you can tailor make your sailing holiday to suit your requirements.

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