There are over 28,608 active-duty enlisted Marines, which explains why many of us have loved ones enrolled.

Finding the right gift for a loved one in the Marines is essential for celebrating their service and showing that you appreciate having them in your life. But, if this is your first gift-giving experience, it’s difficult knowing where to start your shop. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re desperate for inspiration and need a nudge in the right direction.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven unique gift ideas for the marine in your life.

1. Customizable Whiskey Gift Set

gift for the Marines

If you want to give presents that matter, treat your whiskey-loving friend or family member to a boozy gift set. The beauty of this gift is that no one on board will have the same glasses as it’s custom-made. Don’t worry if your loved one doesn’t like whiskey, you can either treat them to gin, vodka, or anything else that they adore.

2. Wireless Headphones

One of the best presents for anyone in the Marines is a set of wireless headphones. There aren’t always entertainment options at sea, so gift your loved one the time to unwind. For instance, they can either listen to their favorite podcast or catch up with their band’s latest album.

As you look for the perfect pair, it’s wise to test each one out in person. This will give you an idea of the sound quality and if they’re comfortable to wear for extended periods. You should also buy wireless headphones that are easy to charge and last hours so that they’re far more practical.

3. Nautical Home Decor

Still searching for unique presents? Then, look for nautical pieces that your loved one can display in their home.

A great option is hanging a personalized wooden sign that your friend or family member can hang in their living room. For instance, it could say “A Marine lives here” and hang it above their reading chair.

Or, if that doesn’t sound like them, grab a Marine beer cap map. As the name suggests, your favorite Marine will collect beer caps from bars across the country and add them to their map at home. Not only will it commemorate where your loved one has visited, but it will instantly add color to the room.

Marine in Your Life

4. Smart Water Bottle

Encourage your favorite Marine to stay hydrated with a smart water bottle. In fact, you can get models that have built-in LED lights that flash when you haven’t sipped in a specific time. Most smart bottles also come equipped with a smartphone app, so you have a personal hydration coach to improve your drinking routine.

And if you want to go the extra mile, get your loved one a collapsible travel kettle. This nifty gadget goes to a staggering 4 inches when folded and 7 when unfolded, making it the go-to gift for anyone traveling. Despite the tiny dimensions, you can still fit around three cups of tea, so your friend can enjoy their favorite hot beverage.

5. Helly Hansen Arctic Ocean Parka

Specifically, Helly Hansen’s parkas are renowned for keeping Marines warm as they’ve been designed for sailors. You’ll notice that there’s a thick insulating layer and quick-drying material to prevent the harsh elements from seeping in.

You can also give your loved one a thermal neck gaiter, especially if they’re traveling to a cooler climate. The inside is covered in a fleece that protects the wearer and prevents them from developing issues like hypothermia.

Another practical gift is a drybag where your Marine loved one can store their belongings. Thanks to the huge selection available, you can choose a model that aligns with your budget and desired size. For instance, popular options are 50 or 90 liters, depending on how many belongings your loved one has.

6. Maritime Books

The best gifts for book lovers in your life are maritime novels. If your loved one is interested in history, give them a Quirky History guide that breaks down the most important moments, from 15th century France to World War Two.

Another great addition is the Boatyard Book, which is an illustrated book on how to care for (you guessed it!) boats. Even if your Marine isn’t tinkering away on the ship themselves, it’s handy to know the basics because you’ll never know what happens at sea.

You should also gift fictional novels, such as Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea alongside The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger as they make fantastic reads.

7. Jewelry

It’s no surprise that jewelry is one of the top meaningful gifts out there. If your loved one has lost someone during their service, give them a memorial bracelet, so they can remember them. And if that’s too heavy, surprise your loved one with a dog tag as it’s a great way to preserve a memory.

Nautical Home Decor

Or, if your loved one doesn’t like jewelry, get them Marine-related memorabilia. For instance, you can treat your favorite person to a Marine corps challenge coin as it commemorates their service for years to come.

Our Favorite Unique Gift Ideas for Marines

Hopefully, you’re inspired by these unique gift ideas for your favorite Marine.

There are endless possibilities for gifts, such as personalized jewelry or wireless headphones for your loved one’s downtime. You can also treat your family member or friend to an array of Marine-inspired novels to keep them entertained. Happy shopping!

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