They are cute and fluffy; they are white haired and blue eyed; they are any pet owner’s dream feline breed – the Ragdoll. A perfect blend of a cute tame feline and a ferocious lion, the Ragdoll is a unique pet to have around the home.

Compared to its other cat friends, the Ragdoll is a fairly new breed. Registered only in 1966, it was a crossbreed between two handpicked cats that have all the best features of that of a Ragdoll – bright azure eyes, silky white and light grey medium length coat, and signature pointed markings. Learn more about this unique-looking cat’s weird and wonderful history here:

Despite of its late rising, this breed has quickly made its way into homes as one of the most popular cat breeds. This is because it has many special and unique characteristic traits.

Let’s have a closer look at some unique facts about this fluffy cat breed

1. Made to be Held

Just like its name suggests, the Ragdoll was bred to be lap cats. They love to be petted and held. It has been speculated that they were actually named Ragdoll, because early litters got floppy and droopy once they were picked up. Hence, they were named after the popular doll.

2. Their Eyes Come in Many Shades of Blue

Compared to other cats who usually sport green, brown, and yellow eyes, the Ragdoll has signature blue eyes. This is definitely one of its most distinguishing physical traits.

Ranging from a deep dark ocean blue to a bright light blue, their eyes are gorgeously mesmerizing.

3. Its Coat Comes in Many Different Shades and Colors

Another amazing trait of the Ragdoll is its long, silky, and fluffy coat. The color-pointed coat range in many different shades, making each one of them unique in appeal.

Shades range from cream and red to seal brown and white. They also have tabby-like coat markings and tortoiseshell patterns. One of the cutest attributes of the little fur ball is that some have completely white paws, resembling that of white mittens.

When Ragdolls are born, they have a pale white coat. It gradually darkens as they get older, taking in their permanent shade at the age 2+. You can see more here, to for a deeper look at the colors and shades of the breed.

Ragdoll Cat Breed

4. They are Extremely Quiet

Compared to other cats who can be very vocal, Ragdolls are quiet little kittens. This trait makes them perfect for those living in apartment buildings or close to their neighbors. Even though Ragdolls voice their concern whenever trapped in a closet or when they have something to show you, it’s usually a soft meow rather than a loud roar.  Owners have reported that whenever their Ragdolls are hungry and asking for food, they’ll come right up to them and meow softly at their feet.

This is a great advantage, but it also means that your Ragdoll won’t cry out when it’s in pain. Make sure to treat it with care and be very wary of its physical condition.

5. They are Large

Even though there are some very small Ragdolls, they are usually quite big cats. Females can weigh between 10-15 pounds and males between 15-20 pounds. Compared to other big counterparts like the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest, who weigh between 16-18 pounds.

This making the cat breed a great contender for the largest domestic feline.

6. The World’s Oldest Janus Cat

A Janus Cat is a feline that is born with two faces. Interestingly enough, the world’s oldest Janus Cat was a Ragdoll breed. The weird creature had two mouths, two noses, two eyes, and one blind central eye. Its name was Frankenlouie (Frank and Louie) and lived to be an astonishing 15 years old.

Additionally, this cat breed has been said to have many dog-like personality traits too. It can play fetch, follow you around the house, and sleep with you in bed.

For those pet owners in search of an independent cat breed, Ragdolls aren’t for them. Ragdolls need a lot of attention, playtime, and affection. One thing is for sure, their interesting and unique personalities make them unmissable in a home.

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