Displaying your diploma is just as important to many as obtaining it in the first place. But what do you do with your diploma once you have it? You can frame and hang it in the house, the office, or even get creative with it.

Here are five unique diploma display ideas that you should consider for your accomplishment.

1. Hang and Frame It

Hang and Frame It

The most classic of the diploma display ideas is to just simply hang it wherever you want. At the end of the day, it is your diploma that you can do whatever you feel like with it. If you have a blank space on the wall, throw it up there and call it a day.

Frames can vastly differ, so you’re not stuck just buying a simple wood one. If you have a modern aesthetic in your house, get one that matches. If you’re feeling rustic, feel free to get creative and do ironwork for the frame.

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2. Place It on Your Desk

If you’re at work where academic achievements are highly praised, be sure to display them nicely on your desk. You can highlight the diploma with graduation pictures or good memories from your time there.

If you have any other work-related rewards or achievements, making a display out of awards and diplomas is a great way to highlight them. You can include ribbons around the display or prop up the diploma with a trophy you earned.

3. Pair It With Art

While a diploma is a great achievement, people also view them as a piece of art. The old style of calligraphy paired with a nice frame makes it a great centerpiece for the art room.

Do you want to get creative? Try and pair the art with the colors that your school represented. You can do this by either blending them together or finding colors that help your diploma stand out.

4. Make a Family Wall

Make a Family Wall

A diploma means a lot to your family as well, so if you have your parent’s diplomas and past generations, be sure to get them all together. It is a great way to encourage your future generations.

Just be sure to highlight the fact that not all achievements are academic. If your child or parent starts a business that is successful, that is just as important as graduating college.

5. Include Memorabilia

Your frame can go beyond simply holding the diploma. If you choose, you can include your favorite picture of the school, your tassel, or even something off the wall, such as your favorite pen or essay you wrote.

Your time at school isn’t just about the education, but the memories you made along the way.

Your Diploma Display Will Speak Volumes

Getting a diploma display is a great way to ensure that everyone knows of your accomplishments. You worked hard for that education, so don’t let it go unnoticed.

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