Fashion is all about self-expression and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Are you a daring fashionista looking for the next biggest trends? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We know for you, not just anything will suffice.

We put together 5 unique clothing looks for you to try.

1. Moschino Dry Cleaning Dress

Designer Moschino debuted a seethrough dry cleaning dress in November 2017 and it was all the rage on the catwalk. This unique dress allows you to look like a walking dry cleaned garment.

The hairpiece also features a wire hanger hand that goes over your head to complete the look.

If you’re ready to make a fashion statement, the dress will cost you $900. If not, you can find more unique dresses.

2. Oversized Boyfriend Shirt

Oversized boyfriend shirts are all the rage right now. The modern take on the classic button up shirt has fashionistas everywhere making this look unique.

You can see this look used in a variety of ways, from oversized sleeves to wearing this look as a vest.

In fact, these oversized shirts are big enough to wear a BAC Tactical vest under them.

3. New Generation of Jeans

Jeans, although simple, have always made a fashion statement. If you want to wear the ultimate pair of jeans you have to get with the times.

Double jeans have made their debut in the fashion world. It looks as though you’re wearing two pairs of jeans only one hangs lower than the other.

On top of double jeans, you can wear the infamous jean thongs, which are a butt-bearing pair of jeans. They are also shredded so they leave little to the imagination.

And if you want to really show your behind, you always have the option of wearing bare butt jeans. These come with a full zipper in the back just in case you feel like bearing it all.

4. Clear Bottoms

Clear bottoms are in! We’re talking about clear plastic bottoms.

Plastic skirts have made their debut, and since they’re see-through you’ll get the opportunity to wear the cute underwear you never thought anyone would see.

Clear plastic jeans have also become popular recently. Pair these with your favorite bodysuit.

And if clear bottoms are not your style, you can always wear the alternative — regular jeans with clear plastic knee patches.

If you’re into chunky sweaters, then you’re going to love the extra chunky sweater trends.

These chunky sweaters are made of a thick yarn used to make oversized blankets. It’s not enough to have this material keep you warm in the house, you can now take it everywhere you go.

And if this look is not your thing, why not stick to only wearing sweater sleeves.

Try These Unique Clothing Styles

Are you ready to try some of these daring looks? From chunky sweaters to dry cleaning dresses, and it also seems see-through is the biggest trend.

How you make these looks your own is up to you.

If you’re looking for more fashion tips, check out our blog.

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