If you end up being convicted of a crime, the judge could place you on probation, which is a less severe punishment than incarceration.

As long as you follow the probation rules, you can avoid jail time. The precise rules concerning probation can differ from one state to another.

Probation in Florida

If you’re charged with a crime here in Florida, you need to know the following five things about probation.

1. Lawyer Can Help You Receive Probation Instead of Jail Time

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You’re sure to prefer probation over jail time.

While some serious crimes do not allow for probation, often an experienced lawyer can help people who are convicted of crimes to receive probation.

2. You Can Sometimes Get off Probation Early

It’s possible to get off your probation early.

To do so, you’ll have to comply with all the strict rules of the probation, such as paying financial obligations like court fees, not having any other violations, and completing treatment programs.

Once you have completed half of the probation period that the court sentenced you to, you can file a Motion of Early Termination of Probation.

3. Probation Can Sometimes Be Dismissed

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While it’s good news that you can potentially get off probation early in Florida, you’re sure to want to know the answer to: can a probation violation be dismissed?

Well, sometimes it can, yes. But it typically only happens when there’s a technical problem with an allegation, such as a report being filed incorrectly or a probationer violating a condition that isn’t actually a part of the probation terms.

4. You Need to Stick to Florida’s Probation Rules

In order to not face jail time because you violated your terms of probation and stand a chance of getting off your probation early, you must stick to the probation rules as set out in Florida Statutes Section 948.03.

The court could modify or add to the terms and conditions, but the main terms of Florida’s probation rules are:

  • You must regularly report to your probation officer at the agreed times.
  • You must keep a job during your probationary period.
  • You must allow your probation officer to visit your home, your place of employment, and any other places that you frequently visit.
  • You must remain within a specified area, determined by the court.
  • You must refrain from committing any new offenses.
  • You must not use any non-prescribed controlled substances.
  • You must not associate with anybody who is involved in criminal activity.
  • You must not possess or use any firearms.

5. There Are Several Types of Probation in Florida

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Depending on the type of crime you commit and other factors, you could receive standard probation or another type of probation from the court.

Standard probation means sticking to the above rules.

Here are some of the other types of probation you could receive in Florida.

Drug Offender Probation

If your crime involves a drug offense, you’ll have to follow the rules for standard probation and also submit to random alcohol and drug tests. It’s also mandatory in Florida that you complete a substance abuse program as part of your probation terms.

Administrative Probation

This is a more lenient type of probation. If you receive administrative probation in Florida, you must still follow all the terms and conditions of standard probation, but you aren’t required to regularly meet with a probation officer.

Sex Offender Probation

If you’re found guilty of a sex offense in Florida, in addition to following the standard probation rules, you must complete a sex offender treatment program while being supervised by a special probation officer.

Community Control

You could receive what is known as community control. That basically means you’re put under house arrest and continuously supervised.

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