Learning at a university is very complex. Students have to deal with a tremendous variety of assignments. They are different and may potentially induce various complications. Although a pro and con essay is a relatively simple assignment, some students struggle when they try to write it.

Some of them even seek professional essay writing help online provided by expert services. Such a service, for example, AdvancedWriters tackles academic assignments very quickly and completes them in accordance with the university requirements. Besides, students enjoy many other benefits. However, this alternative should be used only on rare occasions. Try to fulfill it yourself to see whether you’re a gifted writer.

To succeed with any piece of writing, you ought to understand the purpose of your task. A pro and con essay is one of the forms of an argumentative essay. You should select a theme and review it from two contrary angles. It’s necessary to provide the advantages and disadvantages of the studied subject. Mind that it must be done objectively. This assignment is oftentimes compared with a compare and contrast essay because it has many similarities.

Select a Topic

Everything begins with a selection of a topic. You ought to make sure you select an interesting problem, which is relevant to your readers. Try to understand what your readers would like to learn from your research and disclose it.

It’s important to select a debatable problem. For example, such topics like charity or genocide have no room for debates. The charity is fully positive and genocide is fully negative. Therefore, omit such themes and find the ones, which offer arguments and counterarguments. Thus, you may highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using iPhones, owning a car, implementing technology in education, etc. Brainstorm the potential fields, narrow them to a concrete question, and cover it.

Make Research

Once you’ve got an idea to disclose, research it thoroughly. As you surely know, every scientific paper must be based on relevant data. You have no right to use some blogs and similar literature, which have no scientific proof but the opinion of an author. However, you’re welcome to read them to get some ideas.

Every information source you want to use must be verified several times. Review the references and links offered in the textbook or digital source you’d like to use. Surf educational and scientific websites, go to the libraries, etc.

You have to find enough information to do proper research. Don’t forget that you must be objective and provide an equal number of pros and cons. Never show preferences to any side. You’re allowed to give a brief personal judgment only in the conclusion. Make sure you have gathered enough data to deliver your readers the main message and provide the positive and negative sides of the investigated issue, event, subject, person, and something of the kind.

Craft an Outline

A person without a plan is almost doomed to fail. Only some lucky occasions bring success. The wisest students always create an outline for their academic projects. A pro and con essay is no exception. Thus, you’ll know what measure to undertake and when. You’ll be organized and disciplined. A typical outline looks like this:

A. Introduction


A thesis statement;

B. Main body

  1. 1st aspect;
  2. Pros;
  3. Cons;
  4. 2nd aspect;
  5. Pros;
  6. Cons
  7. 3rd aspect;
  8. Pros;
  9. Cons;

C. Conclusion

  1. Summary;
  2. Final thoughts.

You’d better schedule all the steps you’re going to undertake. Remember that your time is limited and you have to be quick and efficient. Set strict deadlines for every point in your outline and don’t violate them. Keep any sorts of distractions at bay and focus on the writing process.

Begin with a Draft

After you realize the purpose of your project, have a topic, an outline and the necessary materials, begin to write. Nothing should stop and distract you. Act in accordance with your outline and the working schedule. It’s recommended to begin with a draft. Nobody is perfect and you’ll definitely make some mistakes. Therefore, it’s better to write several drafts, check the plot development, logical connections, and the flow.

Edit and Improve Your Essay

The last stage of your writing is editing. You should obligatorily reread your paper at least twice to exclude any mistakes or weak parts. Apply various methods of revision and ask someone to help too. Use grammar, plagiarism, and spell checkers. Smart applications can identify mistakes missed by the human eye. Besides, they can be launched even when you revise your projects.

Keep these guidelines in your head. Every time you’re assigned a pro and con essay at your university, follow them. Thus, you’ll create an interesting argumentative assignment to impress your professors and receive the highest grades.

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