Game localization is an essential step to acquire and respond to a larger group of players worldwide. It includes the vital translation of text content into the target language. The process involves some details that many developers easily overlook, such as deleting or modifying some culturally sensitive content that may appear.

Each game has a unique story, so the developer must assist translators or localization service providing agency like SPG Studios, to give the game a new life in various languages โ€‹โ€‹and cultural environments.

What Is Game Localization?

What Is Game Localization

Localization of video games is translating a game so that gamers in various countries feel the developer created the game for their specific region. When you start looking into all that’s involved in the process, it’s a simple-sounding definition that’s ridiculously tricky.

Most importantly, game localization provides players with a platform to experience their long-awaited masterpiece in their familiar language environment. Specifically, a high-quality game localization translation will give you:

1. Sales Growth and Recognition among Similar Games

The rise in the download rate is the most significant indication. The game edition of the related language is published for the target market in different languages to suit particular people’s needs. Users will, therefore, be more likely to download and install it.

2. Improve Your Ranking in the App Store and Play Store

Improve Your Ranking in the App Store and Play Store

If your user base is good and the game’s experience is friendly, they would be more willing to leave positive feedback, which will improve the rating of your game. The game’s review comes from various locations and diverse communities simultaneously so that the game stores will pay more attention to your game.

3. Take Control of Game Development

The user interface is not good when the game is not correctly localized and placed on the target market. Therefore, some individuals will spontaneously change the game, switch the language, and bring it on the market through informal channels, impacting your revenue, which is considered piracy. High-quality localization will help you to control your game effectively and guarantee its originality.

4. Player Satisfaction

Players worldwide will get a better gaming experience that will make them feel optimistic about games and get timely communication and feedback. Each player can quickly learn the operational strategies and understand the game’s storyline and believe that this game is tailor-made for them. Localization of games will offer you further advantages; however, performing well is not easy.

Precautions to Take Before Going for Video Game Localization

Precautions to Take Before Going for Video Game Localization

Before you embark upon a journey to hire a translator or a professional localization agency, here are a few essential points that you need to remember.

Anticipate Everything before Game Development

Not planning for localization during game production is a severe mistake several game developers make. It also contributes to higher cost and time for localization after the game has been developed. Hard coding, for example, cannot be changed in some situations. Since localization should be considered during the game’s designing phase, you can later reduce the localization costs.

  • ย Choose The Correct Translation Resource

You can hire a part-time translator or use a dedicated game translation company, such as SPG Studios. Professional translators have obtained authoritative translation certification through systematic training and long-term training, can handle translation projects efficiently, and avoid errors to the maximum through a complete process system.

In comparison, the localization cost will significantly increase, but the final game user experience and the corresponding benefits are also worthwhile. A professional team can also provide you with professional advice to choose the language to maximize the benefits.

  • Internationalize Code And Provide String Description

Coding localization is the foundation of game localization and enables the game to run in the user’s preferred language. Moreover, translators can learn more about the game and the code at hand by providing a string description. Since translation allows all text strings to be encoded, you must extract all text from the encoding. To simplify this extraction process, of course, professional game localization companies typically provide self-developed tools.

  • Understand What Needs To Be Localized And What Does Not Need To Be Localized

List the critical content that you plan to localize. Depending on the language and target market, such content can differ. Generally, it includes graphic effects and user experience, market content, materials for news, etc. It will simplify the process of future localization.

  • Quality Control

After starting the localization process, the game has to be checked to avoid minor mistakes that may cause large-scale changes in the later stage. Ask questions regarding the video sequence, fonts, position of content, date, time, and other particular elements during the game’s localization.

Final Thoughts

Revenue from the video game industry is increasing exponentially. Will you want to be one of those sharing in it? If so, then it’s time for localization!

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