One of the greatest perks for an executive is the travel that can come with the territory. It’s a great opportunity to learn history, take in the culture, engage in fun and exciting nightlife, and expand your network. Travel is truly a valuable and unsurpassable experience.

However, logistical challenges can arise such as figuring out how to find the best rental car insurance, deciding which hotels to book, and trying to visit all the most quintessential places in a timely fashion in an unfamiliar city.

Nonetheless, extensive travel is a very common perk that people adore about doing business.

So if you have a say in where to set a business trip, you may be wondering which U.S. cities are best to plan your trip around, and what amenities they have to offer. In the following guide, you will find information on the top cities in every part of the U.S., tips on how to navigate complex logistics, and even a few lesser-known gems in these cities.

Maui: A Beachy and Hip Escape

A Beachy and Hip Escape

Maui has over 120 miles of shorelines, which is more beach than the rest of the islands in Hawaii.  There is a huge variety of conditions for whatever your taste: gentle ripples, massively intense waves, and sand of every color.

One important thing to note is to make sure to plan well in advance for any tours or travel between sites. As a result of the pandemic, rental cars have become harder to book and insure. Be sure to thoroughly research the best rental car insurance so you get the best deal while cars are scarce.

The Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua is a notable luxury hotel with 54 acres and 466 rooms and suites. They even have residential suites that are very spacious at 900 square feet or more, with kitchens, living rooms, and even dining rooms in some. And there is an onsite spa that includes massage and healing treatments.

And the famed golf courses at Kapalua surround this Ritz-Carlton. Courses include the Plantation Course and the Bay Course. There are a total of 36 holes around the hotel.

You can also find nearby the Mahana Ridge Trail for hiking and splendid scenery. And for more nature-type activities, Maui Kayak Adventures is not far. There are even Maui boat tours for whales and turtles, where you can watch these animals come to the water surface.

Plus, there are a variety of tours available to help you navigate so many attractions, such as Blue Sky Tours. You can even find lesser-known gems through such a tour; for example, you can walk through enormous lava tubes on the Big Island.

New York City: The Ever Swanky Go-To

Travel New York State on Your Terms

With a myriad of booming industries, such as tech, banking, finance, marketing, and fashion, it’s no wonder New York City has become a go-to business destination. It’s the perfect center for conferences, networking, and other business events.

For a first-class hotel experience, look into the Carlyle Hotel, featuring gorgeous art and architecture, and located amidst many designer boutiques. The Pierre is another top-notch luxury hotel with an elegant, ornate vibe, and conveniently facing Central Park.

In terms of its novelties, there is no shortage of skyscrapers that have extraordinary views. Be sure not to miss the classic experience of the Empire State Building.

And a quick cab drive from there will take you to Central Park for a slower-paced break from all the action. Central Park is surrounded by museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So you can take a stroll and take in culture and history while you’re at it.

For evening entertainment, you’ll want to be sure to check out the Broadway shows at theaters including New Amsterdam Theater, Lyceum Theater, and of course, Broadway Theater. Some trending shows include “Hadestown,” “Hamilton,” and “Chicago.”

San Francisco: Cutting-Edge Tech and Vintage Allure


San Francisco is known for its cosmopolitan, urban vibe, its nightlife, and of course, its notoriously steep hills. It is also a top performer in the tech industry, with Silicon Valley spreading into it. But it also has amazing must-see vintage architecture in various neighborhoods.

One of San Francisco’s most famous, elegant, and scenic neighborhoods is Nob Hill.  This area has shopping, sights, nightlife, and many upscale restaurants with this quaint, vintage architecture that has a classic 1800s atmosphere.

Charming, delicious restaurants include Gallery Cafe for a great view of cable cars, a vibrant vibe, and quality coffee with an assortment of pastries. You can also check out Big 4 Restaurant at Huntington Hotel, named for renowned tycoons of the railroad era. Expect a refined grandeur matching its namesake.

And in the heart of Nob Hill is Huntington Park, a vivacious park with a gorgeous fountain styled with angels and seashell-esque structures, quiet benches, and green foliage everywhere.

There are over 700 hotels in the San Francisco region. High-quality hotels to look into include the Ritz Carlton in Chinatown, British-themed White Swan Inn in Nob Hill, and the towering Four Seasons skyscraper. The Four Seasons even has a suite area with a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

For some historical mystique, visit Alcatraz, the island prison that at one time housed the infamous Al Capone.

Dallas: Lively Hub for the Sports Fans and Music Enthusiasts Alike

Lively Hub for the Sports

Dallas has a rich history with its country and blues music scene, as well as options for shopping, unique hotels, and sports venues.

The House of Blues is a great venue to check out for country and blues music. It was founded by Isaac Tigrett, who co-founded the Hard Rock Cafe, and Dan Aykroyd, who starred in “The Blues Brothers” film. Be sure to check out the authentic gospel bands for Sunday brunch celebrations.

Be sure to check out AT&T Stadium, formerly the Cowboys Stadium, to attend a Dallas Cowboys game. Or check out the American Airlines Center for an exciting Dallas Mavericks basketball game.

There is no shortage of upscale fashion in Dallas; in fact, luxury chain Neiman Marcus originated in Dallas in 1907. You can also find brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Armani at the Galleria Dallas on Dallas Parkway.

Even if you don’t stay there, check out Hotel Crescent Court in the heart of Uptown Dallas for its sophisticated architecture. It is even a favorite location for weddings because of its renowned, lavish architecture.

Miami: Paradise, Beach, and Nightlife

Must-See Places in Miami

With over 850 hotels averaging at about $209 a night, Miami is just beckoning with travel possibilities.  Coconut Grove is a prime location for many of these hotels, including Hotel Arya, the Courtyard by Marriott, the Hampton Inn by Hilton, and the Mayfair.

For a beautiful, relaxing spot to take in the rich scenery, try visiting the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. It has 83 acres and includes a rainforest and a sunken garden.

Ocean Drive is another top destination in Miami. Come here for a bustling atmosphere, thousands of people in bathing suits, and a hot nightlife. Clevelander hotel and bar is one of the go-to spots on Ocean Drive. Mango’s Tropical Cafe is another hot spot on Ocean Drive, with lots of salsa dancing and a lively atmosphere.

Next Stop: The Ultimate Business Trip

If you have any say in where your next business trip is going to be, try one of these U.S. cities. Be sure to compare travel insurance offerings in case any issues crop up and cause you to have to delay or cancel. You’ll be sure to have a rich, rewarding experience in the luxury hotels, indulging in the amenities these cities have to offer.

After all, extensive travel is a very common business goal, high on the list for many people for reasons to be in business.

Dorothea Hudson Dorothea Hudson writes and researches for the car insurance site, She is passionate about travel, having lived all over the U.S. and even abroad.

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