VPS has features that are commonly known worldwide as the virtualized computer. The virtualized computer replaces a physical server in the real world that is converted digitally to increase the website hosting activity’s performance and features. Since the VPS (Virtual Private Server) uses a virtualized computer, it also adapts the physical computer’s quality that uses the OS Operating System to run the virtual computer.

In this article, you are going to learn about the operating system in the virtual computer. To be more specific, you will learn about the Ubuntu VPS starting from the definition of Ubuntu, the security on the Ubuntu server, and also the mission from the Ubuntu server. Let’s get started.

Review of Ubuntu VPS Security and Ubuntu VPS Mission

What is Ubuntu?

What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu has the meaning of an OS or operating system for the computer or laptop and a Linux distribution system applying a basic system from Debian. Ubuntu is also famous for its benefits on the features that can provide you a free or zero cost and open-source operating system. Debian is the fundamental foundation of the Ubuntu operating system. Inside the Ubuntu (OS) operating system, you can find this operating system’s types in three categories: desktop, server, and Linux OS (operating system).

In this article, the focus discussed further is the ubuntu-desktop for the perfect performance in using Ubuntu. Ubuntu uses the command-line interface that uses fewer physical devices to control and operate its operating operational process. The majority of the processes can be used on the Windows operating system with the physical hardware controller such as mouse and keyboard. For this area, using Ubuntu is required basic knowledge in the IT area compared with Windows operating systems.

The other advantage that you can get from Ubuntu is the speeding performance that is renowned as the champion compared with the Windows operating system. Suppose the Ubuntu is getting lost in the installation practice compared with Windows on the performance. In that case, Ubuntu is the champion who gives you the best and fastest experience in using a computer. Fast performance is necessary for the sake of website hosting activity. Ubuntu VPS hosting activity is using the virtualized computer. This means that a quick and easy-access operating system will give the server significant advantages to operate smoother, faster, and better.

The only disadvantage of Ubuntu is only located on the lack of a Graphical User Interface that makes the ordinary people that are considered as novice users can get confused in the installation process. Despite that problem, Ubuntu can give you the best performance ever in running all of the computers, starting from the physical computer to the virtualized computer.

Ubuntu Server Security

Ubuntu Server Security

On the security as aspect, Ubuntu can give you the securest server system ever because it has the program named Linux that having feature secure by default. You can get the security in the practice ways, and somehow, in the other meaning, you are not required to add or change the security panel because the default setting from Linux gives you the best security for the operational practice.

The other default operating system on Ubuntu is named Unix. Unix has the specification and function that similar with the Linux. In practice, in Ubuntu’s operations, Unix and Linux are not using the same code. As one of the Linux variations, Unix is a perfect default system that is able to give the securest aspect for your performance in managing the computer and website hosting server ever. To operate these features, you need to have intermediate knowledge to make it easier on the practice, and if you find them difficult to operate the operating system and its features, you can go to the forums on the online environment to get the problem solving and advice over the problems. People on the Ubuntu online forums are known as a solid community that always helps each other in the process.

In practice, Ubuntu is developed by a company named Canonical. Canonical is a company that was created in South Africa in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth. Since it was first founded, Canonical is only using financial support from the big companies funding. Those big companies that are having and using the Ubuntu server are giving financial support to Canonical to be able to provide and develop the Ubuntu VPS server as usual and regularly.

Ubuntu Server Mission

Ubuntu Server Mission

Ubuntu has the mission to deliver and accommodate your technology requirement in the advanced ways ever. As proof of their mission statement, Ubuntu VPS so far is charge zero bucks to access the operating system. You can try to compare it with Windows operating system. To using the Windows operating system, you are required to pay for the features. For the return, you can use the Windows operating system with its license inactivation. Windows is notable worldwide by its access that is friendly with novice users that are not keen on the IT matter.

Ubuntu is also considered as a not-so-friendly operating system because on the operational, Ubuntu is having the minimum GUI (Graphical User Interface) and is hard to use by the novice users that may have less knowledge in the IT areas. To overcome this problem, you can go check the problem solving and the advice on the online Ubuntu user’s forum to get the help, advice, and troubleshooting over your situation.

Ubuntu is also advisable to use as the operating system on the Ubuntu VPS (Virtual Private Server) on your website hosting activity because Ubuntu is having the best and fast performance to support the server to be able to perform the more advanced performance in your website hosting activity. If you want the secures operating system on your physical computer or virtualized computer, we highly recommended Ubuntu as the operating system to make your server get the perfect feature and satisfy a lot of you your visitors. Whatever your choice between Ubuntu or Windows, you are good to go but if seek a significant operating system for your website hosting performance, we highly recommend the Ubuntu VPS server for your sake.

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