The world’s largest business federation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, today launched an ad campaign throughout Florida entitled “The Flip Floppers,” which takes aim at Charlie Crist for his back-and-forth position on the health care reform debate. “Whatever your position is on any issue, Charlie’s your guy… until he’s not,” the narrator says.

The ad features the original “flip-flopper” himself, Sen. John Kerry, as well as Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania admitting he changed party affiliation from Republican to Democrat last year in a failed effort to remain in office.

From today’s U.S. Chamber press release:

“Florida’s voters want a candidate who will consistently stand up for policies that create jobs,” said Bill Miller, national political director for the Chamber. “This ad will remind the state’s voters that Charlie Crist not only flip flopped on health care reform, he’s now supporting this job-killing law.”

The Chamber has endorsed former Florida House Speaker and Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio, and plans to run attack ads for at least two weeks:

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