It’s always unfortunate when you get into an accident or fall and get hurt. But you can rest assured that you will be compensated if you get injured because of the carelessness or intentional actions of someone else. You need to make sure that you get the medical assistance you need because that will help you with your settlement later if you plan on filing a lawsuit. If you want to know what to expect from the judge’s ruling, then read on to learn more about the typical settlements for personal injury cases.

Let’s dive in the details

The Average Settlement Amounts

Most people think that the average settlement amounts are set in stone and they never change. But that is not true because the judge has to see the type of injury you have and the cause of the accident or fall. The average settlement could range between 3000 to 75000 dollars. However, some cases could get awarded more for settlements because the legal representation fought for it, or your accident situation was very severe that the judge saw it appropriate to reward you with a bigger settlement. The average settlement can be calculated for you, but you need a professional to study everything related to your case and your injuries.

You can be sure that legal representation can tip the scale in your favor because the advantages of hiring a lawyer in personal injury cases are too good to pass. You have more chances of getting payouts and fewer chances of getting low settlements. The laws are different in each state, especially in Chicago. Advice from the Blumenshine Law Group suggests that getting a just and timely compensation is based on hiring effective legal advocacy that ensures a decent payout. You can check the percentages and see that 91% of people that hired a lawyer got a payout, while only 51% of people got payouts without an attorney. This is enough to convince people to hire a professional attorney.

How Is the Settlement Determined?

The settlement is determined depending on several factors. Each component in the case has hard evidence and you need to look at punitive damages, economic damages, and your pain and suffering. This is how the total value of your settlement would be divided. This means the value can be high or low depending on the three components of the case. People’s chances of getting a bigger settlement are much higher if their economic and punitive damages levels were high. The common outcome of settlements is that the injured party gets what they deserve, but they need to have all the paperwork, evidence, medical reports, and financial documents ready to determine the value of the settlement.

The Expected Wait Time

The expected wait time varies from one case to another. But the average time needed for you to get compensated for your injuries could be between 10 months or a year. This isn’t a bad time frame. If the outcome was projected to be positive, the case will need more time to process because negotiations would still be ongoing. However, if your case seems to fail and it’s about to project the negative outcome of not getting a settlement payout, then you’re looking at 5 or 6 months until the case closes. It is very rare that a case closes early and rewards a big payout. This is why quick trials or negotiations don’t end well.

Specific Points to Consider

You have some specific points to consider carefully because they can affect the chances of getting bigger settlement deals. If the defendant can’t pay for the settlement because their assets, personal funds, or insurance can’t cover it, then the payout will not be high and it will stay low regardless of how severe your case is.

Another important fact to consider is the defendant’s liability. This is based on how much evidence you have against the defendant and if you were able to prove that the accident was 100% liable by that defendant. If the evidence isn’t enough to convince a judge, then the settlement will not be high.

Personal Injury

There is no fixed settlement on most personal injury cases because it depends on the type of injury and the suffering it caused. You just need to do everything in your power to get the best payout for your injuries. The legal team behind you should have a conversation with you first and then build your case. They will need to include the severity of the injuries, the loss of paychecks, medical bills, and a lot more to ensure you have a bigger chance for a better settlement.

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