There are over 20 types of videos for marketing your startup and a plethora of platforms on which to advertise these videos. Despite that, there are only three most common types of videos that are guaranteed to rack up customers.

In a world filled with monopolistic C-corps and startup oversaturation, you need videos that engage customers. If you want to learn more about these three types of videos and how you should use them, keep on reading below!

1. Product Videos

Product Videos

Product videos can range from an influencer unboxing to a product review. The main goal here is showcasing your product and telling people why they should have it in their life, without sounding forced.

When product videos are forced—or opposingly, too unenthusiastic—they can quickly turn off potential customers. If viewers aren’t engaged in the first three seconds of your video, they’re not going to finish it.

Professional video production is an excellent strategy to create videos that will be watched, replayed, and shared—which is how you will get more customers. These services cater to all types of videos and are worth the ROI.

Product videos offer brands a lot of opportunities to get creative. Make sure product videos showcase your brand’s personality, even if you’re not the one making it. The tone of the video and the setting should match your brand aesthetic and highlight your product’s unique value proposition.

2. Promo Videos

facebook video marketing

Promo, short for promotional, is a type of video to promote your product, service, or brand-related event to viewers.

Essentially every video your brand makes is a promo video because it can and should engage customers by sparking their interest in your brand. Promo videos can be direct or indirect.

A direct promo video would be discussing a new feature of your service or announcing the release of a new collection or album. However, an indirect promo can be an event or entertainment video where your product or service is showcased but not discussed.

Instagram makes a great platform for promo videos because you can lead customers from your reel videos straight to your shoppable Instagram feed.

3. Explainer Videos

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These videos are used to demystify a common product or service question. They are great for forming a dialogue with your customer.

The best explainer videos are short and informative, and leave the customer with answers. These answers build a sense of trust between you and your customer.

YouTube makes a great hosting space for explainer videos since they last forever and new customers will likely have the same questions. It is also useful to embed explainer videos onto your website to address any FAQs.

Make the Best Types of Videos Today

There are many tools to create all these types of videos to market your startup. Social media has empowered brands to create content autonomously. A professional studio can take your content to the next level though.

Regardless, start creating videos now to build awareness. Check out our “Business” tab for additional strategies to catalyze your startup’s growth!

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