When you’re brand new to sugar dating, it can be tempting to think that if you’ve met one sugar daddy, you’ve pretty much met them all. You automatically assume that they’re all rich, hyper-successful, affluent men who have chosen to sugar for the same reasons you have. And in many cases, you’d be right.

But sugar daddies are just like sugar babies in that they’re all individuals, so everyone you’ll meet will have his own reasons for being in the sugar bowl. But certain types are so common that pretty much every aspiring sugar baby will run into an example sooner or later. Here are a few to know.

1. The Adventurer

sugar daddies

Although all sugar daddies appreciate the finer things in life to at least some extent, you’ll meet at least a few who are all about traveling, getting out there in the world, and having an incredible time. Adventurers are typically in the sugar bowl looking for a sugar baby who loves traveling as much as they do.

So if you love to travel and have been hoping to meet a sugar daddy who’ll have the means and the desire to literally give you the world on a silver platter, date an adventurer. They’re loads of fun and will be a perfect fit for you.

2. The Executive

Although many sugar babies tend to think of sugar daddies as invariably being men who lead busy professional lives, this isn’t always the case. Many daddies are retired or independently wealthy because of old money, but the executive really is the power mover you’re picturing.

Executives keep demanding schedules. And not only do they spend a lot of time at the office, but they likely travel a lot on business, as well. While a sugar daddy of this type might not be suitable for a sugar baby who needs lots of quality time with her man, he’s likely just right for a baby who’s equally busy and driven.

3. The Splenda Daddy

This kind of sugar daddy isn’t much of a sugar daddy at all, as he’s not really in a position to afford a full-scale sugar lifestyle. But his heart is usually in the right place, he likes the idea of a sugar-style relationship, and he’s definitely looking for a young, beautiful sugar baby to spoil.

Types of Sugar Daddy

In other words, he’s a middle-class version of the traditional sugar daddies many babies might be used to – like Splenda is to real sugar. But this doesn’t necessarily make him a daddy to avoid. Splenda daddies can be incredibly sweet men who make great partners, but you need to be realistic about your expectations.

4. The First-Timer

Just as every sugar baby was new to sugaring at some point, the same goes for sugar daddies. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all, and sugar novices come attached to all levels of knowledge when it comes to the sugar bowl. Some have done a lot of research first and will have at least some idea of what to expect.

But there are a lot of first-timers in the sugar bowl who are there on a friend’s recommendation or who prefer to learn by doing. Again, first-time daddies who are somewhat confused about the process aren’t necessarily bad matches. But be prepared to exercise patience while they figure it all out.

5. The Married Daddy

Although most daddies you’ll meet in the sugar bowl are single and ultimately looking for lasting, long-term connections that are a lot like traditional relationships, that’s not the case for everyone. You’ll eventually meet daddies who are married and are only interested in sugaring as something to explore on the side.

That said, most married daddies you’ll meet aren’t interested in leaving their wives, and they’re not going to change their minds. But they are looking for someone who can meet emotional needs that aren’t being met within their marriage. So if you do decide to get involved with a married daddy, it’s essential to manage your expectations.

Married Daddy

6. The Salt Daddy

In contrast to a Splenda daddy – someone who is still sweet and potentially worthwhile, despite not being a genuine sugar daddy – you have the salt daddy. These are so-called daddies who are fake all the way and have no business being in the sugar bowl at all.

Some salt daddies are just straight-up scam artists hoping to take advantage of some naïve sugar baby who doesn’t know any better. But others have the wrong idea about sugaring across the board. For example, they may wrongly believe sugar babies are just prostitutes and be looking for someone they can treat that way, so salt daddies should be avoided at all costs.


All things considered, the sugar bowl isn’t as different from the world of traditional dating as you might think. As with conventional dating, you’ll meet many different types of men, so it’s important to give your time to the right ones.

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