Did you know that studies have found that taking part in singing bowl meditation will help you lower your blood pressure and get rid of aches and pains in your body? Sound healing is an excellent way to take your health to new heights. The benefits of using sound healing instruments are many, but it’s safe to wonder what instruments you can use to achieve sound healing on your own.

Singing bowls are effective as is the human voice, but you have plenty of great options out there when you start your search for the best sound healing instruments. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect sound healing guide to moving forward with your healing journey.

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The Human Voice

The Human VoiceThe larynx, or the voice box, is one of the most effective forms of sound healing instruments that you can find on Earth. Humming through your nose on a consistent basis will help your body produce more nitric oxide, which is an essential compound for boosting your immune system.

The next time that you’re feeling nasally or congested, try humming through your mouth for a few minutes. Taking the time to do this practice will help you clear your sinuses and open the airways so that you can breathe again.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Another amazing sound healing instrument to know about is the Tibetan singing bowl. These bowls consist of five to seven different types of precious metals, and they’re all related to the planets in Earth’s solar system. Each bowl is a different size, and you’ll find that they produce different frequencies once you get the art of playing them down.

Buddhist monks love these singing bowls because the frequencies that they produce allow for deeper levels of introspection and meditation. They’re worth exploring if you want to get into sound healing training atΒ https://www.soundmedicineacademy.com/.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing BowlsCrystal singing bowls are also great if you’re looking into trying out different forms of sound therapy. You’ll need to proceed with more caution with these bowls since they’re far more fragile than their Tibetan counterparts. They come in seven different sizes and each corresponds with a different chakra in your body.

These bowls are made from quartz, and the design and material used produce a soothing sound that you’re sure to enjoy. Many people walk away from a crystal singing bowl session with a greater sense of happiness and overall well-being. You can combine your crystal singing bowls with gongs to create an unforgettable session of sound healing.


Gongs are worth exploring if you’re looking to take a deep dive into the benefits of sound healing and therapy. A gong bath might not sound like your idea of a good time, but you’ll walk out of your bath feeling free of negative energy. Many people feel that the process shakes all of the stress, anxiety, and bad vibes out of their bodies.

You will have no problem finding a ton of different sizes and varieties of gongs that you can purchase and use for sound healing purposes. They’re native to Tibet, and the gong has been an integral part of religious ceremonies for thousands of years. No sound healing guide is complete without mentioning the incredible benefits that gongs provide.


Drums offer a similar type of healing to gongs. No matter how inexperienced you are with music, banging on drums is a great form of therapy. You can find tons of the best sound healing instruments when you decide to look into purchasing drums.

Some of the most effective options for sound healing purposes are Native American drums, Shamanic drums, and Ocean drums. Using these drums on your own is a great way to practice sound healing. You can also work with a sound therapist that is trained in sound healing with drums if you want to immerse yourself in the experience.

Koshi Chimes

Koshi chimes are a great option if you want to move forward with a gentler form of sound therapy. These wind chimes are tuned to perfection in order to capture the wind and provide peace and harmony to all that hear them. You will hear and feel the positive energy radiating from these chimes as the wind picks them up and plays with them.


You can trace the roots of the Didgeridoo back to the Aboriginal peoples of the Australian continent. Many are familiar with the unique noises that this instrument produces, but few realize that it offers benefits for sound healing. This instrument has been in use for thousands of years, and its length allows for a deeper and more intense sound.

Native American Flute

Native American flutes are also among the best sound healing instruments that you can use on your healing journey. You can sift through a number of meditation playlists on Spotify or YouTube and find tons of relaxing songs that are built around the harmonic and relaxing tones of the Native American flute.

This type of flute is effective for sound healing because it produces sound waves that help the brain slow down. This allows your mind and body to enter a trance state. It’s at this point that you can let go of any negative energy and start focusing on forging positive neural pathways and responding to life’s many curveballs.

It’s a great form of therapy if you want to move forward with a positive mindset. Try meditating while listening to Native American flute music to take your healing to new heights in 2023.

Start Trying Out Sound Healing Instruments Today

Start Trying Out Sound Healing Instruments TodaySound healing instruments are a great form of therapy if you want to let go of stress, anxiety, and anger. The best sound healing instruments use different frequencies to slow down your brain and get rid of negative energy while welcoming in positive vibes. You can use singing bowls, the human voice, and Native American flutes to move forward with your sound healing therapy.

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