If you want to be part of the 80% of small businesses making it to a second year, you need slick product designs. After all, you want products that reflect a sophisticated design quality and functionality. But what do you need to know about achieving the ideal results?

Read on to learn about 3 types of product design services!

1. Look into User Experience Design

UX designers

User experience (UX) designers take a strategic approach to ensuring that a product has the right functionality. They’re also known as experience architects or usability analysts. A big part of this type of product design service is testing the usability of a website or software product.

A UX designer will want to assess whether your software is easy to navigate and logically organized, for instance. They’ll also check to see if a product is accessible to people with limited abilities.

UX designers might use a wireframe, which is a website without visual design elements, to look at a site’s layout. Or they might turn to prototypes as a way to get insights from potential users.

To do any of this, they need to understand the intended results of the product or service and know what issue it should be solving. You should state your company’s mission in your business plan and share it with your UX product design team.

2. Consider User Interface Design

Interface Design

User interface (UI) designers focus more on the aesthetic side of product design and development services. UI design ensures that your product looks good and engages its user. Anything from a website button to the placement of an image can impact the visual appeal of a webpage, for instance.

And since you want your products to look slick and hold someone’s attention, you can’t overlook the role of UI design. Ideally, you’ll want both UX and UI designers involved in your product design and development services.

And, even better, some UI designers will have the ability to code. This means that the person doing the work has both an aesthetic sensibility and some of the necessary web development knowledge. Ultimately, this offers an efficient way to make corrections.

3. Explore Branding Design


When you’re looking for the best product design companies, you want one that can combine UX and UI design to create a memorable brand. The designers at whiteprompt.com have you covered. They’ll mesh colors, typography, and usability to create a cohesive product design.

Your brand should reflect who you are as a company and show up in anything from social media platforms to mailers. Work with graphic designers to craft a memorable logo that will look good on any of your products. From there, look at how you can integrate your style into your promotional efforts and completed products.

Find the Right Product Design Services

When you enlist the right product design services, you can elevate your brand. You’ll want UX designers to link business ideas with prototypes and processes, while UI designers will focus on the design visuals. And ultimately, you’ll link these design processes with graphic and web design to create a memorable brand.

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