Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for developing primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Testosterone is an androgenic hormone and the testes are responsible for its production. Testosterone is responsible for the sexual maturation of the male reproductive system and it also helps in secondary maturation which helps in gaining muscle mass and also strengthens the bone by increasing the bone density. All the masculinity and changes in adolescents are also due to the optimum levels of testosterone hormone.

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Testosterone is also synthetically produced for several reasons and the man-made version of testosterone is available in different ester forms that are available in injectable testosterone forms such as:

  1. Testosterone enanthate
  2. Testosterone cypionate
  3. Testosterone propionate
  4. Testosterone undecanoate
  5. Combinations of the above forms.

The only difference is the ester present in each of them. The ester linkage once broken down leads to the action. Different esters bring about different results by the different ways it is metabolized after being injected. One can buy testosterone online and from drug stores. now each of the types will be discussed briefly:

Testosterone Enanthate

The traces of this testosterone remain in the body for up to a couple of weeks and the metabolization period is roughly 4-5 days. The dose is administered intra-muscularly and the different dose is for different age groups and reason of administration. Usually, 100 to 200 milligrams are to be injected every 5 to 7 days. It is frequently prescribed and purchasing is done by the name of Test E. One can buy Test E from online drug portals that offer home delivery services. The portals that are operating online have testosterone enanthate for sale options, one can order the desired dosage and amount.

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is the most popular type of ester. It has a half-life of 8 days which means the drug remains in the body for 8 days till it brings about its action. It is used in testosterone replacement therapy to compensate for the intrinsic deficiency of testosterone. It is administered via injections and each injection is given once or twice per week. A 100 mg of testosterone cypionate produces 68 milligrams of testosterone.

Testosterone Medications

Testosterone Propionate

It is one of the fast-acting testosterone esters. It has a shorter half-life and is rapidly acting its levels reach a peak within hours of administration and take three full days to get completely metabolized. The injection is given every third day to keep the levels optimum inside the body. 100 milligrams of this injection yields 93 milligrams of testosterone propionate and due to the short half-life, the interval between the consecutive injection is less.

Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone is the longest-acting testosterone ester and it is documented that the levels remain roughly remain high up to 3 months after the injectable administration. Due to the long-acting nature, the next dose is administered every 30 to 90 days. The next dose is administered after seeing the response to the previous one. It is expensive and this can be a point of concern for some patients.

Testosterone Combination Therapies

These ester combinations can solve some more complex problems related to deficiencies and can help in achieving more balanced and stable levels. The optimum levels can be reached quickly. Different famous levels are as follows:

  • Testosterone cypionate, enanthate and propionate
  • Testosterone cypionate and propionate

In the above-mentioned combos the propionate and cypionate blend the propionate helps in reaching the optimum levels and on the other hand the long-acting cypionate helps in stabilizing and maintaining the levels for longer durations.

Testosterone Suspension

Aqueous Testosterone Suspension

There is also another type of injectable form of testosterone that does not contains any ester and is recommended for prompt increase in testosterone levels. This aqueous suspension is administered intra-muscularly and it remains in the body for a few hours. Hence, balancing over a long duration is not possible and it is also painful.

One can choose the respective ester depending on the following factors:

  1. Personal preference
  2. Frequency of injection that can be easily tolerated.
  3. Relief of symptoms.
  4. Response to previous doses.
  5. How the body reacts to each type.

The goal of the replacement therapy should be to bring the levels to optimum range along with 2 to 4% roaming freely in the blood. All are equally capable to restore the levels but the timing, and frequency are the crucial factors that decide the success rate.

Experts must be consulted for prescription and administration with regular follow us to ensure optimum levels in the long run.

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