Los Angeles is booming with plastic and cosmetic surgeons, with at least one such surgeon for every 36,000 L.A. residents.

With cosmetic surgery becoming more popular and accessible than ever, you’re likely to face some decision fatigue: how do you choose the best plastic surgeon, and which type is right for you?

Determining how to find a good plastic surgeon has a lot to do with the kind of procedure you want. Read on to learn about the top seven types of cosmetic surgeons to help you make your choice.

1. Body Shaping and Contouring Surgeons

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Cosmetic surgeons that specialize in shaping and sculpting your body are in high demand in Los Angeles, with many desiring a curvy yet slim figure.

These surgeons typically offer procedures that remove fat and excess skin. This may include:

  • liposuction
  • tummy tuck
  • panniculectomy (removal of skin from the lower stomach)
  • a lift to a specific area such as the arms, breasts, or thighs

These types of procedures are ideal for those who have lost weight but are still plagued with unwanted fat or skin on the body. While these surgeries might not seem as invasive as some other surgical procedures, they still require a skilled doctor who specializes in this type of treatment.

2. Facial Surgeons

Some of the best cosmetic surgeons today focus on the face. This is one of the most popular areas to get cosmetic surgery for Angelenos.

The features of the face must be treated with great care and precision. Each adjustment can greatly alter one’s appearance, so a cosmetic surgeon focusing on the face should be highly trained.

Facial surgeons commonly focus on procedures including:

  • face lift
  • jaw and chin shaping
  • nose job
  • eyelid surgery
  • ear pinning
  • brow lift

Because different parts of the face require different treatment, it helps to choose a surgeon who specializes in that particular procedure. For example, you may choose a different surgeon for a nose job than a face lift, depending on the skills of each doctor.

3. Breast Augmentation Surgeons

Cosmetic breast surgeries have consistently been one of the top procedures in Los Angeles for years. Breast augmentation, where the breasts are made larger, is one of the most common alterations made to the breasts.

Some surgeons focus solely on breast surgeries in their practice, building a reputation for their skill and talent when it comes to enhancing the breasts.

Aside from breast augmentation, these surgeons may also perform procedures such as breast enhancement (which may include lifting the breast tissue) or breast reduction. They are also generally responsible for removing breast implants once they expire or cause discomfort to the patient.

Know The Different Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

4. Buttock Augmentation Surgeons

A trending cosmetic surgery in recent years is buttock augmentation, also referred to as a Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, fat is removed from one body part and then injected into the buttocks.

This surgery has been called the most dangerous cosmetic surgery, partially because of the number of inexperienced or unlicensed doctors offering it around the world.

It’s essential to find a Los Angeles surgeon who is trained and experienced in offering buttock augmentations. A trustworthy doctor should communicate the risks involved and how to minimize your chances of experiencing complications.

5. Skin Rejuvenation Doctors

Though not necessarily a type of cosmetic surgeon, many plastic surgery experts also offer skin rejuvenation services. Typically, these services aren’t as invasive as cosmetic surgery.

Skin rejuvenation procedures enhance the skin and repair damage done to the face and other surfaces of the body. You might find treatments like:

  • chemical peels
  • laser skin surfacing
  • microdermabrasion
  • microneedling
  • injectable fillers
  • pulsed light therapy

These procedures can fix skin worries including acne, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Because skin rejuvenation practices can carry some minor risks, such as infection and scarring, it’s best to choose a reputable skin clinic or plastic surgeon’s office. Non-clinical spas and salons may not carry the training and licensing needed.

6. Reconstructive Surgeons

Reconstructive surgeons go beyond cosmetics to treat issues caused by an injury or medical issue. They still want you to love the way you look in the mirrorβ€”but first and foremost, they’re focused on helping your body be as healthy as it can be.

For example, a reconstructive surgeon may perform a nose job after a patient suffered a broken nose. They may also offer breast reconstruction surgery for those who had cancerous breast tissue removed.

These surgeons often undergo additional training to become reconstructive surgeons. Make sure to choose a doctor who not only holds the title of plastic surgeon, but is also a qualified reconstructive surgeon.

7. Cosmetic Oral Surgeons

Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Oral surgeons, also called maxillofacial surgeons, are equipped to treat mouth and teeth-related issues, including cosmetic concerns.

They typically have a good understanding of the entire face and how the bones and tissues in the face work together. Because of this, many cosmetic oral surgeons are able to perform cheek, jaw, and other facial cosmetic surgeries.

These surgeons may also offer dental implants, injectable fillers (such as Botox in the jaw), and gum lifts.

Finding the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has no shortage of trustworthy cosmetic surgeons. When choosing a surgeon, be sure to find one that performs the procedure you have in mind.

Though many surgeons and clinics may offer a range of services, it helps to find one that specializes in exactly what you need.

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