Cookie and Candy Pop, the premiere popcorn brand of Snax-Sational Brands Group, introduced two popular flavors into Publix for August 2021.

Cookie Pop Popcorn OREO, made with authentic pieces of your favorite OREO Cookie and Candy Pop Popcorn M&Ms Minis made with original candy pieces of M&Ms Minis, were introduced at Publix Grocery Retailers, which is a popular premium grocery store chain in Florida. Both flavors rolled out over 2020, initially on the brand’s e-commerce.


Pop Oreo Popcorn

To celebrate the launch at the premium grocery store of Publix, Cookie and Candy Pop held a Social Hour Series hosted by Jim Beam at American Social locations across Florida. It kicked off at Miami, followed by Tampa and Orlando.

The Social Hour features a DJ performance by the very famous Ryan Cabrera. The guests enjoyed the performance while enjoying various delicacies, which featured Cookie and Candy Pop.

This included desserts with Cookie Pop Popcorn OREO, made with real cookie pieces, and Candy Pop Popcorn M&M’s Minis made with real candy pieces.

The lip-smacking Cookie and Candy pop-inspired various creations like Cookies and Cream Iced Coffee created by Jim Beam and Cookie Pop OREO popcorn, caramel and syrup glazed bacon topped with Candy Pop Popcorn M&M’s Minis and Cookie Pop Popcorn OREO with bread pudding.

“We were thrilled to partner with American Social and Jim Beam on this three-city initiative in celebrating the launch of Cookie and Candy Pop in PUBLIX, to create buzz and awareness throughout Florida.” – Adam Cohen, CMO of Snax-Sational Brands Group.

Cookie Pop and Candy Pop

Cookie and Candy Pop are innovative popcorn snacks that are increasingly becoming more and more popular. These snacks stand out because of the ingenious coming together of popcorn with everyone’s favorite candy and cookie.

This has led to the innovation of the perfect snack. The lip-smacking snack has been made in the USA and doesn’t contain GMOs corn. It is a low sodium snack that has only 150 calories per serving.

Due to its ingenious taste and low-calorie count, these innovative cookies and candy-coated popcorn found their place in the “Top 20 Snacks of 2020”, a list by the famous website Buzzfeed.

Ever since the snack was launched, it has become more and more popular with consumers and celebrities. To explore and try the range of candy and cookie pop, you can quickly locate your nearest retailer by simply visiting or following on social media @cookiepop_candypop.

The Candy Pop and Cookie Pop line includes some of the all-time classic flavors like Candy Pop made with M&M’s, and Cookie Pop made with OREO cookie, Candy Pop made with Snickers, Candy Pop Made with Twix pieces, Candy Pop made with Butterfinger candy, and Cookie Pop made with Chips Ahoy!

In 2021, there would be a whole new range of flavors added to the line, which one should keep a lookout for. One new flavor includes Nutter Butter in their Cookie Pop line.

The brand started the “Snack Giving” Initiative to give back to the community and add towards making a difference. Through this initiative, the brand donates a part of the proceeds from the sales to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

In particular, the Seacrest Studios, which is at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. This Studio has been set up to provide children and teens with the opportunity to get behind the camera and mic.

During their stay in the hospital, it gives the children a chance to write, star, and interact in original TV and radio shows. The children and teens admitted to the hospital can call the studio through their hospital room phone when they want to take part in the events they are watching on their screen.

The proceeds from all the sales made from the popcorn bag are donated towards The Seacrest Studio at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Cookie Pop and Candy Pop are trendy snacks amongst some of the most famous people from Hollywood.

These Pops can boost of having fans like Cardi B, Ryan Seacrest, Dane Cook, Sean Penn, Ashley Greene, Lance Bass, Lil Yachty, Joey King, James Kennedy, Robert De Niro, Kate Bosworth, Cynthia Bailey, Lil’ Jon, Anne Heche, Food good and David Arquette, to name a few.

Candy Pop and Cookie Pop

Snax-Sational Brands Group is the owner of the premium popcorn brands Cookie and Candy Pop. They are America’s #1 Popcorn brand. The varieties include Candy Pop made with TWIX, Cookie Pop with Oreo, Candy Pop with Snickers, Candy Pop with M&M’s Minis, Cookie pop with Chips Ahoy!, and Candy Pop with Peanut M&M’s, which was also their latest specialty flavor.

Cookie and Candy Pop have brought together the favorite candies and cookies and the favorite snack, popcorn. These ingenious snacks have brought together the sweet and savory flavors, making it the leading choice in the industry.

The cookie and candy coatings are low-sodium, non-GMO corn and have only 150 calories per serving has made it increasingly popular. All of these factors put together have made it a go-to snack item for everyone and all events, be it a Hollywood movie premiere or a binge-watching session.

These renowned snacks can easily be found at the stores of the retailer partners, which include Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, CVS, Stater Bros, and it has now partnered with Publix. With increasing popularity, the brand continues to introduce the latest licensed flavors.

To know more about the flavors coming up and keep up with their news, give their social media a follow at @CookiePop_CandyPop, along with the hashtags #CandyPop and #CookiePop. To shop online, head to their website:

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