Two ex-Miami mayors have crossed party lines in different directions to weigh in on the Florida governor’s race.

Republican Rick Scott’s campaign is touting an endorsement by former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre, whose statement came off sounding a wee bit like sour grapes (interestingly, the Scott campaign didn’t put the whole endorsement on its website, instead linking to a news story). Ferre ran for U.S. Senate and received 4.9 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary.

Ferre’s comments:

Despite the fact that I am a Democrat, I am deeply disturbed by the exclusionary direction of the Florida Democratic Party. Even though I was the first Hispanic Democrat elected to the Florida state legislature and the first Hispanic Democrat elected Mayor of a major US City, I was denied the opportunity to address the Florida State Democratic Convention and denied the opportunity to participate in the Democratic US Senate Debates. This “politics of exclusion” is an insult to every Hispanic voter in our state. Too many 2010 Democratic office seekers stood by silently as these injustices were perpetrated.

Oh yeah, and he also says he met with Scott and knows he’ll do a great job running the state. Ferre notes Scott’s controversial past, but brushed it aside, saying this election is “about the future, the economy, job creation and who can assure a better future for Floridians.”

Meanwhile, the Sink campaign has its own turncoat ex-Miami mayoral endorsement, from lifelong Republican Joe Carollo. Carollo doesn’t dwell on past injustices in his statement but he does get a dig in, calling Scott “an unscrupulous millionaire who got rich from a business model that systematically put Floridians out of work and who was let go as President of Columbia/HCA for a long-running scam to defraud the taxpayers by overcharging Medicare.”

Carollo says that made his decision clear, saying this election “is about who has the integrity and real leadership to get our Florida economy back on track and restore Floridians’ faith in government.”

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