Twitter was born in 2006 but it’s as relevant as ever. The original 140-character messaging limit defined Twitter’s brand for impulsive thoughts, updates, and retweets. Now, it’s 280-character limit shows Twitter’s evolution as it rises with rapid technology growth.

At first, Twitter challenged people’s understanding of tweeting. For those unfamiliar, they’d jokingly refer to it as a chirp, peep, or squawk. No matter the birdsong, Twitter’s concept made some noise.

Whether for social media marketing or fun, Twitter remains the hub for all trending news. If you’re looking to master social media, you’ll want to start with these Twitter tips.

Twitter Tips

Numbers never lie and Twitter’s 330 million active monthly users prove that you should be one of them! These Twitter tips can take you from being one of its millions of followers to attracting that many of your own!

Here’s how.

1. Know When to Post

Twitter’s among one of the fastest posting platforms, with content spewing all hours of the day. You might be scrolling your feed for a few minutes, only to refresh and find a thousand new tweets!

Keeping up with Twitter requires some experimenting at first. You have two options.

Embrace the Madness!

Twitter’s home to the impulsive thought. Dropped your ice cream cone? Tweet about it—seriously—that’s relevant to someone.

Trusting the Twittersphere’s fun. It’s its own unique world that allows the right people to see your tweets at any given moment.

Instead of studying data and tracking times to post, make Twitter the friend you tell things to throughout the day.

Automate It!

If you are into data analytics, it can be nice to locate the method in the madness. The benefit of scheduling posts are as follows:

  • Less time on your phone
  • Automatic replies to followers
  • Being active when your followers are
  • Strategizing how to engage your audience
  • Maintaining work-life-social media balance

Ask yourself when your posts will be best received.

  1. Weekends or weekdays?
  2. How many posts a day, or week?
  3. What time of day’s best?
  4. Who’s my demographic?

Posting at random is fun at first—and necessary. Embrace the experiment to map out your best content!

No, this isn’t about caving to peer pressure. What’s trending on Twitter makes it easy to plan hashtags and gain traffic. Hashtagging trends makes you part of the conversation and followers will—well—follow.

Remember that Twitter birthed the hashtag. If you’ve Instagrammed for years and never learned where the hashtag came from, embrace this historical moment.

3. Diversify Content

Twitter’s dynamic. You can post videos, photos, memes, GIFs, polls, and retweet others’ comments.

Tweets are visual. Having a dense 280-character paragraph isn’t attractive to followers. Break it up with interactive content to keep people coming back.

Here’s a beginner’s tip: have links in your posts. Referencing other sources makes those tweets 86% more likely to be retweeted!

4. Strategic Bio

Twitter bios are like that of Facebook and Instagram. Introduce yourself shortly and sweetly. Captivate people and sport your purpose.

Capturing yourself in a sentence or two makes a good impression. Tell people why they should stick around and hear what you have to say.

Twitter’s like the middle child in a family of social media platforms. Using Twitter means understanding its place in the whole social media sphere. Link your profile to other profiles, or to your personal website for cohesion.

Keeping your platforms interconnected’s social media marketing 101.

5. Originality

The endlessness of the Twitterverse helps people understand what it means to be one in 7 billion. Instead of feeling like a nobody, though, Twitter helps you embrace your uniqueness.

It’s the perfect blend of interconnectivity and individuality. What makes you, you?

Twitter’s the home to uncapped potential. Your followers can grow forever. Using it to your benefit means being intentional.

Ask yourself:

  • How will my Twitter account help my creative process or business?
  • What’s my voice or brand message?
  • What can I offer?

Consider your Twitter presence a contribution to the virtual world. What will you bring to the table?

6. Retweet and Follow

Twitter can feel like having a zillion conversations with a zillion people at the same time. That’s the beauty! There’s unexpected brilliance in thought streams.

To simplify, you’ll be having two kinds of interactions.

  1. With your followers
  2. With other Twitter users

The social media game has a like for like or follow for follow etiquette—meaning—you like my profile and I’ll like yours. Making connections with other creatives makes it easy to network online.

Retweeting people communicates to them and your followers that you’re engaged. You’ll have the option to retweet, or retweet with comment. Commenting’s more personal and lets you tag others in the post to keep the convo going.

7. Save Quality Content

No matter your strategy, the pace of Twitter’s always a step ahead. No one can compete with its rapid-fire updates and you shouldn’t have to.

To keep yourself sane and balanced, it’s best to save quality content for times you can appreciate it. If you noticed a Twitter video on your way to work and can’t engage right then, save it for later!

If you’re googling how to download Twitter video to your Mac, search no more. Having a Twitter video saving tool ups your content because it keeps you in the know—on your terms.

Your originality’s dependent on finding your niche and that comes from knowing what’s out there. Creativity stems from co-creativity. Having content saved means you’ve done your research and can post a fresh perspective.

The result is gaining trust with your audience and building forever followers.

Get Your Tweet On!

If you think social media’s addicting, wait until you tweet. Twitter validates how it’s possible for humans to have 60,000 thoughts a day.

Twitter leaves room for creativity, impulsivity, strategy, connectivity, and business. It’s an opportunity to have a voice, a brand, and a platform for success—and that can happen for anyone with these Twitter tips.

No wonder it’s worth $29.45 billion. You’ll see.

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