I’ve never been the kind of person who feels great in a bathing suit of any kind. Trying them on is almost as painful as giving birth, and that was no picnic. Why is this such a daunting task? You bop into the dressing room feeling relatively good about yourself, and then it happens OMG your throat closes!!!! Panic and terror have now set in! You’ve tried on a few suits, and you’re now in a total DEPRESSION not too mention the anxiety from the thought of buying a bathing suit. Trying on jeans can actually have the same effect! So if you want to feel good about your body, DO NOT try on a bathing suit. A bikini would push me over the edge. Many of you don’t have this problem and look great in any kind of bathing suit. You may actually feel better after trying on a bathing suit cause you have a flat tummy, skinny thighs, no cellulite…you get the picture, and you look absolutely great! For those of you who can and want to wear a bathing suit, we’re featuring some cool one piece suits! (Bikinis will be for another day) For me that ship has sailed…no pun intended. I’m the one on the beach in jeans and a blazer! I’ve learned to take the heat. If you’re ready to brave the water in a bathing suit, click the purple links to indulge in a stunning one piece suit!

The one piece suits featured in order are by Alexander Wang, EresLisa Marie Fernandez,  Lisa Marie FernandezChromat, and Eres. They’re all fabulous! Believe it or not, one piece suits leave a great impression and are just as sexy as a bikini. If bathing suits are not your thing….at least start with a one piece!

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