Did you know that the global trucking industry is expected to grow in the future without any signs of slowing down? With the increase in online shopping and door-to-door packages, it is more important than ever to transport large quantities of goods in record timeframes.

Have you ever thought, “How can I find trucking companies near me without any experience?” Here is a guide to truck driving for beginners so you can hit the road and make money.

Go to Truck Driving School

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Different trucking companies often have specific requirements for applying, so it is in your best interest to go to truck driving school. When you go to truck driving school, you can learn the basics that you will need to operate your vehicle safely on the road.

Next, you need to obtain your commercial driver’s license or CDL. These requirements may vary depending on where you live, so it is best to check with your local driving authority to see what requirements you must fulfill.

Start Your Applications

Once you have your CDL, you can then feel confident applying for truck driving positions. To start off, you may want to go with companies that have shorter routes. This is a great way to get used to the job without pushing yourself too much.

You may be able to get a job quickly using a temp agency or a similar hiring company. These businesses act as third parties to recruit qualified candidates who can start soon.

Look at Employee Reviews

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Once you begin submitting applications, you can look at employee reviews online. There are many sites that allow people to review businesses anonymously so there are no repercussions against people who worked there.

You can gain useful information such as the pay grade, work-life balance, and how management interacts with lower-level employees. Look for red flags that could signify a toxic workplace culture and make sure that you avoid those companies.

Do a Screening and Skills Test

Depending on the trucking company that interviews you, you may need to fulfill additional requirements before you hit the road. Prepare for a drug and alcohol screening test and make sure that you do not ingest any illicit substances beforehand.

driving skill tests

They may also require you to do a skills test before they let you go on the road with your truck. Some of these skills include backing out, checking your mirrors, and navigating tricky driving situations.

Trucking Companies Near Me

If you want to become a truck driver, you may still be wondering, are there trucking companies near me that will hire new drivers? The answer is yes, and with this guide, you can be on your way to getting your first truck driving job in no time.

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