After being hurt in a truck accident, victims may seek compensation from the truck’s driver, their employer, and the trucking company’s insurer. These entities all have attorneys who will fight to keep a victim from collecting a settlement, but having an attorney on your side will help level the playing field. The truck accident lawyers at Magness Law have been helping truck accident victims for years, so let them put their experience to work for you.

What to Do After a Truck Accident?

Seven Things to Know About Tanker Truck Accidents

The time after a truck accident is a confusing and frightening one, but taking decisive action will help build a stronger case. Notify the authorities as soon as possible and be sure to get the names and contact information of the driver, the trucking company, and any witnesses. Get medical attention right away, and then call an attorney or visit

A lawyer will help report the event to the insurer and protect a victim’s rights by negotiating on their behalf. With help from an attorney, you’ll find it easier to deal with the case and focus on recovery. Truck accident attorney California always be ready to service you in your need.

How Truck Accident Lawyers Do to Help

Determining Liability

Responsibility for an accident may fall on the driver, the truck’s manufacturer, or the trucking company, depending on the case’s facts. Keep in mind that the company and its insurer are financially motivated to shift the blame and minimize a potential settlement. That’s why it’s so important for victims to have their own attorneys who can look into things a little further.

Investigating the Accident


An attorney can evaluate a case’s facts, maximizing your chances of a successful payout. Lawyers can access medical records, police reports, and other documents related to a truck accident. If anyone saw the crash, the attorney can interview them. By accessing obscure evidence, such as the data from a truck’s black box, a lawyer can find proof of a trucker’s negligence and build a stronger case.

Handling the Paperwork

Filing a legal claim after an accident involves a mountain of paperwork. And, if those papers are improperly filed or submitted late, it may affect your ability to receive compensation. A truck accident lawyer will ensure that all papers are filled out accurately and filed in a timely fashion.

Helping Clients Get the Care They Need

Insurers often try to limit victims’ doctor visits or allege they don’t need care for their injuries. An accident attorney will work to ensure you get the care needed to make a full recovery.

Finding At-Fault Parties

In many accident cases, a trucking company’s negligent behavior has led to a crash. For instance, a company may not have maintained its vehicles properly. A lawyer will conduct their own investigation to look for proof of the company’s negligence.

Negotiating With Insurers

Sometimes, lawyers can negotiate favorable settlements with insurers to help clients recover for their injuries. They do this by building strong cases and letting insurers know that they’re willing to go to trial if necessary.

Filing Lawsuits

money from lawsuit

Despite an attorney’s best efforts, insurance companies don’t always play fair. In these situations, we’ll fight the case in court. Accident litigation is a complex process, but we have the skills and experience needed to help clients win their cases. And, if the initial verdict favors the other side, we’ll appeal to higher courts.

Don’t Deal With It Alone

If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck, hiring an attorney may help you recover everything you deserve. There is no fee unless the case is won, and we are ready to help. Click for more details or call today to schedule a consultation.

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