Many adults wear reading glasses because of a condition called presbyopia. Are you struggling to read a book closely? Are you holding your phone at a distance to see it properly?

After the age of forty, many people’s eyes will start to age and it often becomes more difficult to see well. If you’re having trouble reading a book, it might be time for an eye exam. Take a look at everything you need to know below.

Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision

When you try to read a book, the words may appear blurred or you may need to hold the book further away from your eyes. You may also notice that the screen may not be as clear on your devices as it used to be or that you can’t see a restaurant menu as well as you have before.

Tired Eyes

Are your eyes starting to feel sore and tired after a few hours of reading or looking at a screen? This could be a sign of presbyopia. As your eyes start to age, they need to work harder to see clearly.

Getting reading glasses or aceclidine drops will help to ease the stress on your eyes. You can learn more here about aceclidine.

Frequent Headaches

Frequent Headaches

When your eyes are strained for long periods, it can cause headaches. If you’re suffering from frequent headaches and aching behind your eyes, it could be time for you to have an eye test. Wearing glasses as you read or work should rectify this problem.

Halos Around Lights

As your eyes age, it can become more difficult for them to process light. This can result in fuzzy vision or a halo effect. You may find this happens when driving and looking at other drivers’ headlights.

It’s important to visit your eye doctor when you have this symptom. Although it’s often connected with presbyopia, it can also be an indication of other serious conditions.


Do you find yourself squinting more often than usual? This may happen when you’re trying to focus on something, and it can be a real strain on your eyes.

Presbyopia can happen gradually, so you may find that your squinting becomes gradually worse over time. This can lead to other issues, like headaches, that you may notice more readily.

Difficulty Seeing in the Dark

Presbyopia can make it more difficult to see in the dark, especially when driving. You may even find that it’s more difficult to see your dashboard, even when it’s lit up. Your eye doctor may be able to give you anti-glare glasses that can help when driving at night.

When Reading a Book Becomes a Task

When Reading a Book Becomes a Task

If reading a book has suddenly become a chore instead of a pleasure because of your eyes, it’s time to do something about it. Schedule an eye test to find out if you need to start wearing glasses.

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