Have you noticed that Puff Bars and other disposable e-cigarettes have become a bit difficult to find lately? Puff Bars have been easily the hottest products in vaping for most of this year, but seemingly all at once, they have practically disappeared from store shelves. When you’ve asked about Puff Bars at your local vape shops and convenience stores, you’ve probably heard vague responses like, “We’re waiting for our distributor to get them back in stock.”

While that statement may technically be true, it’s only half of the story.

Here’s the other half.

Your local stores are probably never going to get Puff Bars back in stock, and if they do, the products will probably be fake.

You need to find a good Puff Bar alternative now, and this article will point you in the right direction. First, though, we’ll answer the big question that’s probably on your mind. Puff Bars were everywhere a few months ago. Why have they disappeared?

Why Are Puff Bars So Hard to Find?

The reason for the disappearance of Puff Bars goes back to the original regulations that the FDA set forth for the American vaping industry back in 2016. When the FDA deemed vaping products to be legally equivalent to tobacco products, it meant that the umbrella of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act extended to those products. Therefore, any vaping product that wasn’t on the market as of 2007 is an “unapproved new tobacco product” that must go through the very complicated and expensive process of gaining FDA approval before it can be sold legally.

The FDA has allowed most vaping products to remain on the market until a deadline. After the deadline is reached, all vaping product manufacturers must begin the FDA approval process or pull their products from the market. The application deadline is currently September 2020, but it has been pushed back several times since 2016 and may ultimately change again.

While the FDA has allowed most vaping products to remain on the market, the agency has absolute authority to remove individual products and force the manufacturers of those products to begin the FDA approval process immediately if the products are deemed to have youth appeal. That’s what happened to Puff Bars.

At the beginning of 2020, the FDA banned most flavored e-cigarette pods and cartridges, leaving only tobacco and menthol pods on the market. The purpose of the flavor ban was to make vaping products less appealing to teens. The ban left disposable e-cigarettes on the market, though, so teens simply started using those.

In July, the FDA closed that loophole by demanding that all American distributors of Puff Bars and similar disposable vaping products remove those products from the market immediately.

Officially, Puff Bars are no longer available in the United States, and if you happen to find one in a local shop, there’s a good chance that it’s a fake.

So, let’s recap. You might have started using Puff Bars because you needed a good JUUL alternative when the FDA banned most vape pod flavors earlier this year. Now, though, the FDA has banned Puff Bars as well. Your perfect JUUL alternative has gone up in smoke, as it were. Now, you’re left needing a Puff Bar alternative. What’s it going to be?

What’s the Best Puff Bar Alternative?

If you use products like Puff Bars, the JUUL e-cigarette or other vaping devices that use nicotine salt e-liquid, it’s most likely because you’ve found that the high nicotine strength of those devices helps to keep you away from cigarettes. You like the cigarette-like throat hit that a high-strength e-liquid provides, and you probably also like the fact that you can get a high level of satisfaction from a device that’s tiny enough to fit in any pocket.

If all of the things we’ve just said are true for you, then there is only one type of vaping device that delivers the type of vaping experience you currently enjoy without forcing you to limit yourself to just tobacco and menthol e-liquids. The perfect Puff Bar alternative for you is a refillable pod vaping system.

Aren’t Refillable Pod Systems Hard to Use?

On the surface, using a refillable pod system as a Puff Bar alternative might sound like a lot of work. After all, you’re used to using a vaping device that’s ready to go out of the box. If you want to use a device that doesn’t limit your flavor selection, though, a refillable vaping device is really your only option because the government seems intent on banning almost all flavors for all pre-filled vaping products.

Here’s the good news, though; when you really think about it, the amount of effort required to use a refillable pod system really isn’t all that great. You only need to do three things that you don’t need to do with a disposable e-cigarette.

  • You need to fill your pods. That’s not as difficult as it sounds; a vape pod usually has a side-mounted filling hole sealed with a silicone plug. Just pull the plug and add your vape juice until the pod is nearly full. If you’re filling a new pod for the first time, wait at least five minutes before you start vaping. The pod’s wick needs to be wet at all times, so keep the pod topped up.
  •  You need to charge the battery. That’s not difficult; just remember to connect the device to the charger at least once per day.
  • You need to know when it’s time for a new pod. When you start to taste a burned flavor, you need to replace the pod. If you avoid using heavily sweetened e-liquids, you’ll get many refills out of each pod. It’s always a good idea to have a pack of replacement pods handy in case a pod dies unexpectedly.

The benefit of putting forth that little bit of extra effort is that you’ll enjoy the best vaping experience you’ve ever had. A good refillable pod system is more reliable – and produces much bigger and tastier clouds – than the Puff Bars you’re using now. More importantly, using a refillable pod system means that you can enjoy every e-liquid on the market. You’ve never experienced such a large flavor selection before, and you’re going to love it.

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