Do you want a trip to Bioluminescent Bay? Puerto Rico is a beautiful tropical Caribbean travel destination, known for its pristine palm-lined beaches and a rich Spanish heritage with an American touch.

But it’s best to highlight that what draws all kinds of tourists are the nighttime wonders of the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay. And to truly experience the magic of the sparkling blue oasis for yourself, experts suggest doing thorough research about the area.

A quick online search for a specific term like “Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico best time to go” can be of great help. Top sites, offering attractive kayaking tour packages, guarantee the best observation conditions and longest time on the water. You should be aware of this before planning a trip to Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico.

Here are Few Aspects before Planning a Trip to Bioluminescent Bay

Cause of The Famous Glowing Water

Cause of The Famous Glowing Water

While the island presents Playa Flamenco, one of the world’s best white-sand beaches, its Vieques bio bay with an ethereal blue-green glow is quite magical.

Millions of light-emitting microorganisms, known as dinoflagellates, prepare their food through photosynthesis. And it is this process that creates the mesmerizing glow.

Top tour guides will explain to you the reason why Vieques Bioluminescent Bay is the brightest in the world before a trip to Bioluminescent Bay.

They cite the latest survey as proof that shows about 2 million of these microorganisms per gallon in the bay, compared to 50 dinoflagellates per gallon in open oceans. They suggest agitating the dinoflagellates by stroking the paddle in the water to witness the real magic.

Puerto Rico’s Bio Bays

Puerto Rico’s Bio Bays

While there are just a handful of bioluminescent bays worldwide, Puerto Rico is home to three of them.

While Laguna Grande is in the northeast front, La Parguera boasts a distinct appeal in the southwestern. But the largest bio bay is Mosquito Bay, located on Vieques Island, off the east coast of Puerto Rico.

Leading tour operators offer their services across Mosquito Bay, the most popular bio bay among the three. With the largest concentration of dinoflagellates and almost no light pollution, the tiny lights are pretty mesmerizing and stand out even more in this bio bay.

Ensure the guides stay out on the water for about two hours, which is the apt duration to have the best experience.

Best Time to Visit Vieques Bioluminescent Bay

You may plan your trip to Bioluminescent Bay during a new moon when it is the darkest in the sky. It will ensure you see the bay when it appears the brightest.

Experts consider the moon’s waning phase, when the night sky is moonless, as the best time to go on a trip to Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico.

Ensure they don’t arrange tours around or on the day of the full moon. It will be best if you refer to the lunar calendar for determining the best time to see the glowing waters of the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay.

Other Factors Affecting the Brightness

In Puerto Rico, the tide and water temperature also affect the dinoflagellates’ concentration and thus the brightness levels of the bays.

Ensure the tour guides do not plan your trip to Bioluminescent bay if the brightness is below 30%. You may call them a day or two before your schedule to confirm if the glow level will be above the threshold during your visit.

Best Season for the Visit

The dry season is the perfect time of the year to visit Puerto Rico; it is most likely that you will get on a trip to bioluminescent bay at its peak brightness.

But, to avoid the crowd during the busiest season, it is best to plan your trip for February and April. While there will be fewer crowds, you will get to visit the bio bay in the dry season.

Reaching Vieques Bioluminescent Bay

Reaching Vieques Bioluminescent Bay

The best way to enjoy Mosquito Bay is by booking a kayaking tour with a reputed tour operator. But to reach the location, you can either take a plane or a ferry.

Vieques island is a 25-minute flight from San Juan International Airport, and if you plan well, you can get tickets at reasonable rates.

Also, check your ferry option from Ceiba, an hour and a half drive from San Juan. While the travel time on such ships is about 45 minutes, they are much cheaper than the flight charges.

Look for a tour package that offers a transportation facility between your hotel and the bio bay, thus ensuring you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Use of Camera

You will require a camera to capture the beauty of Ponce, the Puerto Rican city known for its colonial architecture, and the Rio Camuy Cave, one of the world’s largest cave systems.

But a camera doesn’t do justice to the true essence of Mosquito Bay; while kayaking in a dim-lit area, it’s hard to click a bright picture.

When you engage with the best tour guide, you can live in the moment and experience the spectacular natural phenomenon to the core. They should help you make real-time memories, which will be way better than your struggle to capture the brightest glowing water in your sophisticated camera.

Best Tour Packages

The tour package should include kayaking to help you enjoy a healthy ride while witnessing the breathtaking light show at the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay.

The package price per person should be nominal, and check if you require to book in advance to secure your spot when you wish a trip to Bioluminescent Bay.

Reputed agencies allow you to check the real-time slot availability on their website, to proceed with online booking at your convenient time.

Best Ways to Enjoy the Visit

Though you do not have permission to swim in the bay, you can still enjoy the light in the water.

Experienced tour operators will show you tips and tricks to have fun while kayaking. For instance, they suggest placing your fingers in the water and paddling your kayak fast. You may also spread your fingers slowly in the water for an enticing effect.

Find A Reputed Tour Guide

Mosquito Bay had a setback after Hurricane Maria in 2017. But by 2019, the brightness doubled than ever before, owing to the dinoflagellate population relocation during the hurricane. When planning a trip to Bioluminescent bay, hire an experienced tour operator.


Rest assured, while they maintain all the safety precautions for you, you will get to see the brightest spots during your visit, which can become a memory of a lifetime.

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