Let’s face it, the Internet isn’t short of websites.

Over 1.75 billion of them now litter the online landscape—a number that’s growing all the time.

The rate of expansion is nothing short of remarkable. However, the life of a budding web developer becomes that bit more difficult!

Somehow, through grit, creativity, and expertise, you have to stand out from that almighty crowd. Want some advice to help you do it?

Read on for 4 winning web development projects tips

1. Start Slow & Master the Basics

There’s no point trying to run before you can walk.

Becoming an accomplished developer is a definite process. Like scaffolding on a skyscraper, you build from the ground up; only with the web development basics covered can you graduate to the next level.

Learning to code in Javascript, CSS, and HTML is fundamental to your success. Take an online course, seek tuition, and watch YouTube videos.

Do what it takes to hone your programming skills and it won’t be long before you can begin building your own experimental sites.

2. Don’t Forget Design

Web developers need a solid foundation in design basics, too.

After all, websites don’t just have to function well. They must be pleasing on the eye, appeal to the end-user, and satisfy a client’s aesthetic demands.

Once again, the Internet is your friend! Use the endless array of free content (and courses) to upskill yourself in design. Familiarize yourself with design tools and wrap your head around what goes into quality design work.

3. Research Your Craft

Are you at the very beginning of your developer journey?

Well, a sure-fire way to streamline the learning process is to leverage what’s already out there. In other words, seek out the work of other developers and learn from their example.

Read blog posts, find pre-written code to copy, and cast a critical eye over other websites. Strive to understand the processes that built them and replicate it where possible. All the information you need is out there, you just have to find a way to harvest it.

4. Clean Up Your Past

Before too long you’ll be seeing considerable improvements.

You’ll have mastered the basics and be ready to proceed up the ranks. But before you do, it’s worth considering the value of refactoring.

It’s like a college student looking back through their old high-school essays and amending them. As a developer, you take your new confidence/skill and go back into old/dirty code to clean it up.

Get into the habit of refactoring early and you’ll enjoy its positive impact in future projects. Professional web development companies, such as Solid Digital, will be happy to have such a diligent employee working for them!

Nail Your Web Development Projects

The rise of the Internet has sparked a major demand for websites.

The result? Web developers are in ever-higher demand! However, as the Internet gets ever-more saturated, the task of creating quality sites that stand out from the crowd gets harder.

Aspiring developers may feel a little daunted by the learning process ahead of them. Hopefully, though, the tips in this post will help in all forthcoming web development projects.

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