There’s nothing better than spending the day outside in your backyard, enjoying the sunshine. There’s one thing that can ruin the mood entirely, and that’s being attacked by a herd of bugs.

We are going to give you different ways to ensure that you have a bug-free backyard. Having a backyard free of bugs will improve your backyard experience and help you enjoy being outside more.

Check the 5 Tricks for a Bug-Free Backyard

1. Hang Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a fantastic way to attract beautifully colored birds to your backyard. It’s also a way to control the number of pests flying around. This is because birds eat more than just seeds; they also eat insects.

Making them instant pest control at the cost of purchasing a bag of bird seeds every now and then.

2. Landscaping Is Key

We understand that when the weather is warmer, the last thing you’ll want to do is go outside and mow your lawn or trim the hedges. However, allowing your plants to become overgrown can be attracting bugs to your yard.

Ensure that you maintain your backyard and keep your grass and shrubs trimmed. This will destroy the possibility of insects creating homes in the grass.

3. Throw Out Stagnant Water

You must throw out stagnant water. Stagnant water is a spawning site for insects such as flies. It’s the perfect breeding area for a fly to lay eggs, and once they hatch, you’ll have a host of flies in your backyard.

It’s also vital that you contact specialized exterminators to spray pesticides, ensuring the insects won’t continue to breed.

4. Plant Flowers That Bugs Don’t Like

Instead of planting the average plants, we recommend that you plant flowers that repel insects. There are many plants that insects dislike ingesting, such as citronella, lavender, marigolds, and many more.

All of these flowers will give your yard a boost of color and keep your backyard pest-free. We recommend you head to the garden section of your local store and grab your flowers.

5. Buy Citronella Candles

Citronella flowers are one of the plants we stated above that are useful when it comes to repelling insects. This is why we recommend that you also consider purchasing citronella candles. They are a cheap alternative to planting flowers if you don’t have the necessary space for them.

The oil that is used in the candle once it’s burned will help mask your scent and other scents that may be attractive to insects and invite them for a meal. Keeping you bug-free and bite-free while your outside.

The Resolution A Bug-Free Backyard

Having a bug-free backyard is about more than just staying inside away from bugs. If you implement the tips that we’ve given you above, your sure to nip the pest problem in the bud.

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