Is the world still paying attention to accessories? Yes, and they’ve become an even more important part of fashion this year.

Some things you thought will go out of style remains as some of the trendiest men’s accessories, while you might get surprised by a few pieces.

Trendy & Cool Men’s Accessories for 2020

men's accessories
Men’s Trendy Accessories

Wristwatches, for instance, are still a must-have for this year. Even with smartwatches, nothing can top the value that watches add to your fashion style. They do more than tell the time. Want to know more about the latest trends?

1. Watches: For Smart Casual and Formal Outfits

Watches have a fashion and practical use, which makes them well worth any value. They will never go out of style, so if you haven’t got a good one yet, it’s time to invest in one.

Although simple, classic styles smartwatch are not going anywhere, there’s a trend this 2020 you might have an interest in: skeleton watches. These are mechanical watches with a transparent window, showing the inner, moving parts.

This design makes for a fascinating and interesting piece. They’re better paired with smart casual and formal outfits.

As a general rule, however, you should have at least two types of watches: casual and formal. Wear the former one for your everyday look and the other for special events, meetings, and the likes.

It’s something that people pay attention to, so don’t hesitate to buy a nice pair.

2. Sunglasses: With Colors and Interesting

A pair of nice sunglasses is another one of the men’s accessories that won’t ever go out of style. They’re still great at protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays, but today, they double as a way to showcase individual styles.

Classic pairs like wayfarers and aviators are still in this year. They’re nice all-rounders you can use for the whole year, no matter what you’re wearing. If you can invest in only one, make sure it’s a classic.

However, you can also play with colors and interesting details. Many pieces today have a classic style with a twist. Feel free to explore your other options, but it’s better to have a no-nonsense classic pair first.

3. Ring: Good Style for You

Rings are rather unconventional for men. Not many men consider this as a part of their style and fewer people have the confidence to wear one.

Still, expect to see a lot of masculine rings this year. Men aren’t falling behind in fashion, so they’re starting to go beyond their comfort zones. Rings have become a good way to express their fashion style.

Besides, men have been wearing rings since the 20th century, although they started with wedding rings.

Whether you want to be subtle or expressive, there’s a style for you. If you don’t like the “married” look of thin bands, detailed, thick bands are an alternative. They can still look posh and are suitable for formal events as well.

A note of reminder: don’t wear too many rings at once. Keep it simple by wearing two or three at a time if you want to keep it cool and classy.

4. Bracelet: For Formal Outfits

To complete your look, why not go for bracelets too? This year, however, we’re looking at a more casual style. For this reason, beaded and leather bracelets are going to be everywhere. You can mix things up and stack matching bracelets. Keep it to one wrist, though, so as not to make it overwhelming.

You can get a nice silver chain to complete your look. Anything metallic will pair up with suits quite well. Remember that a bracelet is like a ring. It shouldn’t the main point of your outfit, yet it should be an important part of it.

5. Minimalist Wallet: For Fine-looking

While a wallet is more on function, no one’s saying you can’t have a fine-looking one. You can’t have an outfit that’s on point while pulling out an old, battered wallet. If it’s sticking out your back pocket, that doesn’t look too nice as well.

A minimalist wallet can help you look sleek in all areas. It should be thin and looks pleasant, at the least. Still, these shouldn’t hinder a wallet’s function to hold cash and cards.

A carbon fiber wallet will do well. They look nice and they can hold a lot of stuff while keeping a thin profile.

6. Checked Scarf: For Dullest Outfits

Come fall or winter, you’re wearing a scarf, so why not make the most out of it by making it a cool fashion piece?

Look into checked scarves; these are some of the trendiest accessories for southern men’s style this year. Look for one that does its job quite well (i.e. keeps you warm) but also looks stylish.

Even if your cold outfits are quite plain, a checked scarf can add color and some detail to your whole look. It can elevate even the dullest outfits.

While you’re at it, choose a scarf in a nice material. Cashmere is luxuriously soft, silk exudes elegance, while wool is great for the cold. The way you tie a scarf adds to your overall look too, so make sure to read up on some tips.

7. Cross-Body Bags: For Outside Work

Don’t let it surprise you if you start seeing a lot of cross-body bags everywhere. After all, men need to bring stuff outside work too.

It serves a practical purpose, but there’s no reason to find a piece that pairs well with your outfit. You won’t go wrong with leather; they’re great to pair with street or formal outfits. Bags with durable fabric go nicely with casual styles.

If you don’t want anyone to catch you slipping, keep yourself updated with the trendiest men’s accessories every season fashion and grooming.

Nevertheless, remember that you should be comfortable in every outfit, fashionable or not. Comfort should be the priority. Thankfully, comfort and fashion can go hand in hand if you pick the right pieces.

Of course, we’ve got more guides like this to help you perfect your look. If you need more fashion tips, read our posts now!

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