After a long week, you may be feeling a little frazzled. However, with all the expenses you may have in the household, there may not be much money left to fund a luxury spa day.

The good news is that you may create a spa day at home and relax. Here are some steps to help you create a spa day in your home.

Choose the Right Room

Depending on the activities you want for your day, you can either choose a bedroom or bathroom to create a spa at home. The bathroom is best if you’re worried about cleaning up the mess.

If you want to have a candlelight spa day with a face mask, your bedroom will make the perfect venue. You may even end up sleeping if you’re feeling very tired.

Light Scented Candles

The first thing that meets you at the door of a spa room is a beautiful smell. If it’s well done, the scent is just enough to completely relax you.

If you create a spa during the winter, the scented candles will also provide you with lighting without having a glaring light on. Some of the best home spa aromatherapy scent ideas include rose, chamomile, ylang-ylang and sandalwood

Choose Calming Music

Background music at a spa helps you declutter the mind. Some songs are scientifically proven to relax you, such as Weightless by Marconi Union.

You can get other relaxing songs in iTunes, Shopify, and other music sites. You can also search for YouTube videos and playlists with hours of relaxing music. This will help avoid reaching out for your phone to change the music.

Before You Start

It’s good to unwind in another room before entering the spa day. You can take a glass of champagne or herbal tea to get you relaxed.

Avoid your phone or any other gadget during this period. When you feel calm, enter your spa space.

Facial Steam

A facial steam is one thing you may consider when you decide to create a spa at your home. It helps in opening your pores and prepping your face for any other oils you’re about to lavish your skin with.

Boil water using your kitchen kettle and leave it for a few minutes. Add a few drops of sandalwood, lavender, and other essential oils. You can also use any herbal tea bags.

All herbal teas can be used for face steaming. Lemongrass and rose are lovely herbs to add. Ginger and lemon are especially great if you’ve been feeling under the weather.

Now all you need is place your face over the pot, lay a towel over your head, and breathe slowly and deeply for at least ten minutes.

Face Mask

As you create a spa, you may consider throwing in a face mask. A face mask will help your skin feel great and do wonders for your skin.

Mixing a superfood powder like spirulina, or natural clay, such as bentonite, with a few drops of water, makes a really simple mask that dries within 20 minutes. The nutrients will make your skin glow, rehydrate your skin, and ease redness in your skin. It also helps reduce skin spots.

Rub the mask into your face gently and massage your skin in circular motions for effectiveness. Moisturize the face once you remove the mask.

Hair mask

Hair treatments are common in hairdressers compared to spas. Yet adding a hair spa will help you maximize your relaxation time and make your hair feel shiny and well-cared for.

You can either use a ready product or improvise yours with home products.

Get a Good Shower Head

People always say you should buy great shoes and a good bed because you’re always in one if you’re not on the other. Well, extend that list and buy a great shower head. It can make a huge difference.

Showerheads have different modes ranging from mist to massage, while some have a rain shower design. You can also get one that cascades on you like a waterfall or one with Bluetooth.

This will not only help you during the home spa day, but it will make sure you relax after a long day of work every day.

Buy a Massage Cushion or Chair

Trying to find a massage chair can be a bit expensive. However, investing in one for you to create a spa in your house will save tons of money in the future.

If you’re short on funds, go for a massage cushion. They can help you in pain relief, encourage better circulation, and improve sleep.

Get a Soft Bathrobe

A soft, luxurious bathrobe can help turn your bathroom into a spa room. You can slip into one after your shower, bath or just to wear something comfortable around the house.

Some people also go for a towel heater for more luxury.

Soak in a Bath

Having a bath at the end of every spa helps all the goodness soak and into your skin and body. Epsom salts come in handy in calming your nerves and ease your muscles.

Light candles and make sure your water is hot. You can go the extra mile and say your affirmation to feel inspired. Also, consider adding herbs and natural bath bombs to your bathing experience.

Enjoy a Light Snack

Now that you’re looking fabulous on the outside, it’s time to take care of your stomach. Enjoy something like a fruit salad. You may consider preparing your salad before you start to avoid chopping and peeling when you’re feeling all the peace.

You can eat whole foods like avocados and oats or strawberries dipped in heated chocolate.

Do You Want to Create a Spa Experience at Home?

Sometimes our schedules can be crazy and overwhelming, leaving us no time for self-care. The finances on the other side may not allow you to go for a luxury spa. However, you can create a spa in your home and enjoy the same experience.

Doing these DIY steps for your at-home relaxation session will help you unwind and re-energize to help you resume work. For more tips and advice articles, visit our blog.

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