Solo female travel is on the rise and it’s no wonder why.

When you travel alone, you get to choose what you want to see and where you want to go without having to please traveling companions or abiding by a strict itinerary. There’s simply more freedom in traveling alone.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how hard it can be to pack exactly what you need. You can’t pack too much because you’re always on the go, but if you pack too little you feel like you’re missing something.

Here are some wardrobe basics every woman needs when traveling.

Travel Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs

Packing your travel bag can be a stressful endeavor, but knowing what to pack is half the battle. These items are essential for travel and can be used during all kinds of trips.

In addition to plenty of socks, undergarments, jewelry, and makeup, pack these wardrobe essentials to be more prepared for your trip.

Neutral-Colored T-Shirts

You’ll want to pack several T-shirts and tank tops made of light fabric that will dry quickly. Scoop necks and v-necks are particularly flattering and will look dressy without you really trying.

Solid navy, gray, black, and white shirts are universally flattering and easy to coordinate. Stripes and graphic tees can add some personality and be conversation starters for those of you looking to make friends while on your trip!

Pack at least one long sleeve shirt that can be easily layered under a T-shirt or over a dress.


If you’re going somewhere warm, you’ll need a few pairs of shorts! Jean shorts work well because they’re durable, comfortable, and look good with most shirts and shoes.

However, if you’re going to be visiting a beach, denim can be uncomfortable. Canvas shorts from Castaway Nantucket Island are perfectly tailored for casual beach trips and boating adventures! Their bright and colorful prints will make you look like an island native!

Durable Black Pants

Black pretty much goes with everything, so you’ll never have to worry about mismatching! Black pants can also make you look classy without much effort so you can dress up an outfit quickly if you have fancy dinner plans.


It doesn’t matter if you want to get playful with a maxi dress or play it safe with a little black dress, all that’s important is that it can be worn both during the day and at night. Choose something that can be worn during the day and dressed up with jewelry when you’re ready to have a night on the town!


Fashion scarves offer a pop of color and some warmth if you need it! They can dress up an otherwise plain outfit and add some personality while helping you retain body heat.

Some scarves even have pockets to carry small items like your passport and money!

Trench Coat

You definitely need to research your destination so you can pack accordingly. If it’s going to be hot, forget the jackets! If it’ll be cold, pack an extra! If you’re unsure, play it safe and pack a medium-weight trench coat!

Trench coats are comfortable, flexible, and often waterproof. If you’re not sure what the weather will be like, they’re a versatile option! And they’re slimming!

If you’re still not sold on the trench coat, they have a lot of deep pockets!

Comfortable Sneakers

Sneakers are essential for traveling. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so finding a durable pair is important. Slip-on shoes can be removed easily to get you through airport security quickly, but lace-ups are good for walking long distances.

Find a stylish pair that will match most (if not all!) of your outfits!

Crossbody Bag

No one wants to be laden down with huge purses while trying to make the most of their travels! A crossbody bag will leave your hands free to take pictures so you can document the entire experience. The crossbody strap will also discourage people from trying to snatch it away!

Remember to carry money in several different places in case you lose something or it gets stolen. Split your money and credit cards between your bag, pocket, and your suitcase!


Having a bag for a day outing is a necessity, but what about a night on the town? When enjoying an evening out, you only want to bring the essentials. You only need something big enough to carry your phone, money, ID, keys, and lipstick.

A clutch is small enough to not get in your way if you want to dance and classy enough to go with a cute outfit! Just be sure to get a durable clutch that can survive your trip.

Reversible Bathing Suit

You never know when you’ll want to go for a dip! Even if you’re going to be traveling to a colder region, a swimsuit will allow you to enter a hot tub or indoor pool.

A reversible bathing suit allows you to mix and match patterns and give the illusion of having packed more than one suit! They can even act as a bra!

Building Your Travel Wardrobe

No matter where you go it’s important to respect the local culture. Some countries are more modest than others and expect tourists to follow proper dressing guidelines for the area. Always do your research before embarking on a new adventure!

Building a wardrobe designed specifically for travel will be useful for women who constantly find themselves away from home for extended periods of time. These wardrobe basics will have you prepared to take on the world!

Once you’re finished packing, you’ll need to read about what else you can do to prepare for your trip!

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