We know what being on vacation is like; the thought of all that delicious new food you may not have tried yet, the relaxing… even the thought of slacking off from our normal routine makes us giddy. When we go on vacation, our diets and gym schedule are bound to get a little out of whack.

If you’re planning a trip, whether it be to the next state over or across the ocean, don’t let your health suffer. There are some easy tips you can use maintain your health and help you stay energized until you get back.

Here are 5 simple healthy travel trips to help you stay energized on the road.

1. Eat Smart

One of the best parts of being on vacation is all the food you’re bound to eat. Whether it be new and foreign, or a long-time favorite, we’re bound to cheat our diet a little. Check out this website to see exactly what we mean.

Don’t let vacation get in the way of your diet, though. One easy tip to keep you on track while you’re away is to avoid the fast food and add some healthy options to your meals. Opt for a side salad with lunch or dinner. Also, indulging in the healthier fruits instead of the pancakes with breakfast will satisfy that sweet-tooth naturally,

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

Speaking of eating healthy, packing snacks for the plane, train ride or even to eat between meals is a smart move. Homemade energy bars, a bag of almonds, or some veggies, like carrot sticks, are great options to keep you energized and healthy.

Avoid “liquid foods” such as peanut butter and yogurt, which will be confiscated at the airport.

3. Get Physical

We know, we know. You’re on vacation, so why on earth would you want to spend it working out? We get it. But, there are ways to get physical without feeling like you’re working out.

Taking a hike, swimming, and kayaking are all fun activities which keep you moving and burn calories without even realizing it. You’ll have so much fun “working out” you’ll want to do more activities like this at home.

4. Sleep Well

Vacation is a chance for you to catch up on sleep, de-stress, and rejuvenate. Part of staying healthy and energized is making sure you get your beauty sleep. This does wonders for your body and you’ll definitely see and feel the results.

5. Give Yourself “Me” Time

It’s important to keep your diet and fitness regime while you’re away, but it’s also important to give yourself a break. Scheduling some “me” time with an hour at the spa or spoiling yourself with some unhealthy food is okay.

Vacation is a time to enjoy yourself; not worrying about what your next healthy meal is or what activities you have planned for the rest of the week will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy yourself.

Healthy Travel Tips

We all dream of taking a break from our busy schedules and daily lives. Indulging in a vacation takes money, time, and lots of planning. Make part of your planning a healthy travel experience.

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