Approximately 4.6 Billion passengers will board planes this year in the US for travel.

Whether you’re taking a trip for business or pleasure, there are some travel preparations that’ll make it easier.

Keep reading for 7 key things you can do to make travel preparations for a seamless trip.

Smart Travel Preparations Means Packing Smart

Essential Tips to Make Packing a Travel Bag a Breeze

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure you pack with purpose. Make sure the things you need are where you need them.

You don’t want to be unpacking and pulling apart bags to find your id or get to medication or other things you’ll need. Keep the documents you require for travel and the information you’ll need once you get off the plane to your destination.

It’s always wise to make sure you keep a change of clothes with you rather than your checked bags. It can put a real damper on your trip and cost a lot of money to try and buy everything you need if your bags end up lost or not arriving at your destination at the same time you do.

You’ll want to keep at least one day’s supply of any prescribed medications with you as well so that if you arrive and your bags don’t show up you aren’t in danger because you don’t have the medicine you need.

Make sure you have the actual pill bottle or prescription documentation of some type so that there is no question of what the medication is and who they were prescribed for.

Give Yourself Lots of Time

You’ll regret not following this tip if you end up in a traffic jam or having some issues on the way to the airport. If you need to catch connecting flights to get to your final destination, you’ll want to make sure you have lots of time in between flights as well.

It’s hard to have a relaxing flight if you have to run a mad dash between boarding gatesโ€”or worse if you’re left stranded in a different city because the first flight was delayed and the connecting one left before you even got there.

There may be delays at the airport security line or even where you check bags. Leaving yourself extra time will help relieve any anxiety that can arise when something does go wrong.ย 

Arrange and Confirm Transportation Beforehand

biggest airports in the world

You’ll also save yourself some anxiety by having things in place ahead of time so you’re not waiting for a taxi or trying to find a limo company that can take you on short notice.ย 

You may want to check this guide for suggestions on making sure transportation to the airport is not an issue.

If you’re parking your car at the airport it’s a good idea to take a picture of your car and where it is located so when you come back to get it you don’t spend an hour wandering the parking lot looking for your car because you can’t remember where you parked.

It can save frustration and time to have arrangements made at your destination as well.

If someone is picking you up, make sure they have your flight information so that they can ensure your flight is on time and there are no delays or changes in your schedule even if you can’t personally let them know.

Plan Meals and Snacksย 

One thing that can be irritating and expensive is having to find a meal or snack at the airport. Prices are always shocking and there tend to be line-ups that can leave you running for your flight or without the opportunity to grab something to eat before boarding the plane.

If you’re planning on buying food on your flight, be sure to have a credit card with you as most flights don’t take cash anymore. Some airlines require you to purchase your food and beverages when you buy the ticket or prior to checking in.ย 

You can avoid all these issues by packing your own snack or grabbing something before you get to the airport. You won’t be able to bring some things through security at the airport so it’s good to know the rules and policies before traveling. You don’t want to have a huge beverage and food you’re planning to eat taken away from you and thrown in the trash because it isn’t allowed.

Check with the Airline

There are a lot of times that flights get canceled or delayed, especially when the weather isn’t good. Most airlines have a website that you can check to make sure your flight is still on schedule.ย 

Do yourself a favor and have the contact information for the airline and their customer service number on your cell phone. If there is a problem with your flight once you get to the airport, you’ll be competing with every other passenger that was meant to be on it for attention.ย 

You may be able to get a faster solution if you have the airline information at your fingertips rather than standing in a long customer service line only to be told to call their phone customer service for rebooking.

Full Battery Charge

Voltage Converters

Things will seem a lot less stressful if you’re able to stay connected and energized. That goes for all your electronics and your own energy level.

Do your best to get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy meal before heading out the door. Stay hydrated and try to be physically active before taking a long flight.

Have a fully charged battery for your phone, laptop, or other mobile devices. You may want to have a backup battery pack for each of them as well if you spend a lot of time traveling.ย 

You don’t want to be fighting other travelers for the few outlets that are scattered around the airport, or get locked into a tedious conversation with the person sitting next to you. Give yourself the option of throwing some headphones on and tuning them out.

Safe Travels

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you make travel preparations and remember that security and other aspects of air travel are there to ensure your safety.

Take a deep breath, be prepared, and enjoy your trip.

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