Over 32 million people attend raves every single year. If you’re an avid music festival goer, then you’ll already know that everyone arrives dressed to the nines, ready to impress with their jaw-dropping outfits. These events are as much visual ones as they are audio!

Whether it’s your first or 10th rave, you might be scratching your head, wondering what music festival outfit you should wear next. What better way to truly put together something unique than to DIY it? This ensures that no one else has the particular aesthetic you do.

Are you going to a rave soon and you want to have the perfect festival look? Then keep reading.

Check you how to DIY one that’ll blow everyone away

Get a Colorful Tutu and Decorate a Bra

You can always dress up a rave outfit by purchasing a colorful tutu with hues that match the rest of your clothes. Add some cute leggings or thigh-highs if you want to cover up your legs and get a little bit of warmth during raves.

What will really make your outfit shine is by decorating a bra or two! Grab the hot glue gun and go wild with feathers, gemstones, lace, and more.

What’s great about this idea is you can customize your bras for each rave’s theme. That way, you’ll have something unique to show off whenever you go to a rave.

Make Kandi Bracelets

You can really let your creativity come through with Kandi bracelets! All you need are some elastic strings and beads; the more, the better.

String together beads of different colors and shades. You can even spell out the words for PLUR or nicknames that you might have. The prettier your bracelets, the more people will want to exchange them with you.

These bracelets will be great mementos of the great times you have at raves. Plus, you’ll have a nice collection of ones from your new friends you’ve made from them!

Lacey Side Panels on Your Shirts

Are you going for a more hippie vibe? Then this tip’s for you.

If you have any old, plain t-shirts laying around, don’t discard them just yet. This is a great opportunity for you to upgrade these boring pieces and make you into a rave queen. It’s a very simple project as well.

All you need to do is get yourself some crochet lace piece and cut panels out of the sides of your t-shirt. Replace those panels with the crochet lace pieces by sewing them in place. And voila, you have a Boho chic top that’ll keep you cool and looking fabulous at any music festival!

Lacey Panels on the Back of Your Shirts

Maybe you’re crazy for lace and think the last suggestion just doesn’t have enough of it! In that case, let’s go all out then.

Grab some crochet lace or regular lace pieces, whichever you prefer. Cut the entire backside of your shirt out, including the back half of your sleeves. You’ll then replace all of that with a huge lace panel.

Understandably, this project is a bit harder than the last and will require more sewing skills. So if you’re not very good at it, or don’t trust your sewing knowledge/skills, you might want to just go with the lacey side panels instead.

T-Shirt Dress With a Twist

This one’s an amazing festival outfit that’s basic and easy to do; no sewing skills required! Plus, because it’s so basic, you can feel free to perk it up however you wish to really make it your own. And the material makes this a very comfy dress.

For this DIY project, you’ll need an oversized t-shirt and scissors. Cut it open at belly level and cut a small slit into the belly button area on the top half. Then, cut a slit slightly bigger on the top bit of the bottom half.

Slip the 2 resulting pieces from the bottom half into the hole in the top half. Tie a knot to keep the 2 halves together and you’ll have a cute dress!

Add Some Flair

All the above are great ideas for basic DIY festival clothing. But what if you want to take it a step further and really stand out from everyone else? Then you have to add some flair!

For example, you can add little touches like pins from your favorite artists or sparkles to add some glimmer to your entire body.

Or you can go all out and add things like electroluminescent tape. These will give you an excellent glow when it gets dark, which can add that special touch to your outfit. These also have waterproof casing, which will let you use the tape outdoors without worry that you’re going to ruin your EL tape.

Another suggestion is some face paint, as you can express your creative side with that too. Bonus points if you get luminescent products, as you’ll be able to glow in the dark as a complete package!

Have the Hottest Music Festival Outfit for Your Next Rave

Now you have a bunch of great advice for making the hottest music festival outfit. Not only that, but you also have the knowledge to keep putting together some amazing looks.

So don’t stop being creative and use your imagination to stand out at all the raves you go to. You never know; you just might catch the attention of your favorite artist! At the very least, you’ll have all your friends going crazy over your pristine look.

Did you enjoy this article on music festival clothing ideas? Then make sure you take a look at our other articles, as they’re chock-full of great tips!

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