In today’s day and age, everyone is trying to stay healthy longer into their lifespan. Brain function and brain enhancement is a major part of that, say experts at Avanse Nutraceuticals , producers of America’s #1 nootropic, LumUltra. We not only want to keep our bodies in the best shape we possibly can, we also want to stay mentally sharp into our golden years.  Not to mention fight against Alzheimer’s, dementia, and flat out brain rust.

Here is a list of 7 ways we can increase our brain function not only when we get older, but anytime during our lives.

1. Get Enough Sleep to Increase Brain Function

Getting a good night’s sleep will immensely enhance the function of your brain.  It’s not just the amount of sleep you get, but the quality is just as much or even more important to the way your brain works throughout the day.

2. Stop Smoking to Increase Oxygen Levels to the Brain

Smoking cigarettes are probably the worst possible thing you can do to your body (besides heroine) although in some circles that might even be debatable.   Smoking has been shown to double your chances of getting dementia in medical studies. However, if you quit smoking early enough in life you can decrease your risk of suffering dementia compared to those who continue cigarette use.

3. Positive Thinking Increases Brain Function

Thinking positive is a great way to increase your brain function.  Simply by looking at the world with a lighter shade of view, your brain will function more efficiently and its receptors will fire at a higher level.

4. A Healthy Diet Can Help Your Brain Work More Efficiently

Having a healthy diet does many positive things for your body and your brain.  Eating the right kinds of foods can boost your memory, increase your retention, and improve studying ability and reaction time among other things.

5. Daily Meditation Helps Your Brain Think Clearly

Meditating is an extremely powerful resource we all have at our fingertips.  A simple 15 minutes of meditation per day can increase your brain function immensely.  You’ll think more clearly and feel more at ease to make important life decisions, not to mention you’ll be happier.

6. Use it or Lose it.

Studies show that if you don’t use your brain it will deteriorate.  Keeping your brain in an idle gear slowly deadens brain cells, so it is important to use it as much as possible.  You can do things like crossword puzzles, sudoku, and other brain games and apps. Also, try to not jump to Google or IMDB at the drop of a hat and see if you can figure out the answers to questions on your own first.  Another tip to keep your brain sharp is to have stimulating conversations as much as you can.

7. Quality Relationships Can Boost Brain Health

This ties into having stimulating conversations, but goes a step further.  Making sure you have quality relationships in your life whether they be romance, friendships, or family can greatly increase the functionality of your brain.  This will also keep you positive more times than not which as stated above helps your brain function better.

Our brains’ are vital to our lives and the quality of them, so take these steps to increase the function of your brain and live a better more fulfilling life while your on this earth.  Enjoy!

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