We all love our pets, and when they pass away it can be an excruciating time in our lives.  However, we can keep the memory of our pets with us with different types of memorials and artistic expressions.  Perhaps you want to display a great photo in your home which reminds you of your pet?  Or, you would like to honor them digitally with a website or fun blog about different tidbits you shared with them?  Either way, using your artistic expression can be a powerful healing tool at any point after your loved one is gone, and pet art is a beautiful thing.

Here are 8 amazing ways you can honor them through artistic expression.

1. Book of Life Commemorating your Pet

You can create a Book of Life to document the memories of your pet through photos.   A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  This will help remind you of all the amazing moments you shared with them.

2. Video Collage of you and Your Pet

Making a Video Collage or slideshow is another great way to honor your pet.  You’ll have flowing digital videos of all those great moments together.

3. Commission a Painting of Your Pet

If you know an artist personally or perhaps there is an artist you love, you can have them do a beautiful painting of your pet.  This is a great way to memorialize them with class.

4. Blog or Website about Your Pet

A great way to promote the healing process is to create a blog or website honoring your pet.  This will allow you to express the emotions you are going through after they pass, and people may enjoy reading the fun things you and your pet had experienced.

5. Burial Plant in Honor of Your Pet

If you choose to bury your pet on the grounds of your home, you can plant a flower or tree to grow above them and provide you with a nice reminder when you are hanging out in your yard.

6. Pet Cemeteries

You can choose to take your loved one to a Pet Cemetery and have them buried in a place you can always come to visit.  

7. Creative Pet Cremation Ideas

There are many things you can do with your pet’s ashes. You can have them made into a stone or gem for something like a necklace. You can also have them put into an urn for your mantlepiece or into pet cremation jewelry. These are both great ways to honor your pet for years to come.

8. Contributions in Memory of Your Pet

Do you like giving to charities?  Perhaps your pet would have liked that too.  You can truly honor your pet’s name by donating to any of the many animal charities and organizations around the world.  Your pet’s memory can live on and you’ll know you are helping other animals in the process. This is very fulfilling and an excellent healing tool for those who have lost the pet’s they loved so dearly.  

When your pet passes away it can be a tumultuous time for many of us, however, doing something in their honor will help ease the pain and keep them with you forever.

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