Rewarding employees is an integral part to any business.  This can promote a greater work ethic, happier employees, and an all-around better atmosphere within your company.  When people working for your business do their job well or go above and beyond, they should be acknowledged or rewarded with trophies, awards with gift cards, or group getaways, etc..  Frankly, there is nothing worse than when a person or a team does an amazing job for you and you simply brush it off.

Here are 10 epic ways to reward your employees in 2022

10. Team Getaway

A team getaway does a great deal for morale and is a generous way to reward employees. It provides bonding opportunities to further strengthen working relationships and trust.  It also allows for some rest and recuperation which brings more energy to the team when they return to work.  

9. Company Apparel

Rewarding employees with company apparel gives them a sense of belonging and unity.  This is one of the really creative ways to reward employees.  

8. Trophies Awards or Certificates of Achievement

Handing out a crystal trophy or a certificate of achievement gives a employees something tangible for their hard work.  This is something they can keep with them as a reminder of how doing great work doesn’t go unnoticed.  Trophies and awards are a high profile ways to reward employees and can be a lasting confidence booster for those in your office.

7. CEO for the Day

If a particular employee shines during a year or a big project, proclaim them CEO for the Day and allow them to have free reign on protocols such as Hawaiian Shirt Day, or a Pizza Party for lunch etc.

6. Thank You Meeting

Simply call the employee or employees into the office and look them in the eyes and say “Thank YOU”.  This will garner more respect not only from the particular people you have the meeting with but word will spread around the office that you are a stand-up boss and respect those who work for you.  Thank you’s and public meetings are ways to reward employees and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

5. VIP Parking

Award deserving employees with a prime parking spot for a day or week.

4. Hand Written Note

This oldie but goodie is a classic way to show appreciation for a job well done.  Handwritten notes and personalized thank you cards are 2 more ways to reward employees besides #6 that doesn’t cost you money. You will find useful some thank you business letter ideas to thank you to your employees or co-workers the right way.

3. Impromptu Gift Card

Handing out random gift cards to employees throughout the year is a great way to keep things alive and exciting in the office.  

2. Monthly Expense

When one of your employees really hits one out of the park you can offer to pay a mortgage payment for them, or perhaps a car payment as well.  You could even offer to pay off a month’s worth of student debt, depending on the worker’s age.

1. DJ for a Day

Another epic way to reward your employees for great work is to hire a DJ for a day.  You can hire a DJ to play office style music live while everyone goes about their business.  This will breathe life into the office while making your employees feel relaxed and stress-free to go about their workday, and they will do so with smiles on their faces.  

There are many ways to keep your employees happy by rewarding them when they deserve it, and following some of these tips will only make your company better in the short and long term.

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