With the speed at which it’s going, it seems that the world’s population has no intention of slowing down. The number of mouths to feed keep increasing, and yet the resources for feeding them keep dwindling.

Additionally, more than half of the planet lives in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Feels alarming, right?

At times like this, it makes most of us wonder how we can play our part in being responsible citizens?

Well, the answer lies in green-living and more specifically, an urban greenhouse.

Urban greenhouses are an excellent way to utilize empty spaces in the city and set up another source of food for the locals.

Look out for these four top urban greenhouse trends of 2020.

Urban greenhouses aren’t great for just fulfilling your basic food needs, but they’re also quite sustainable. Now that’s something we could use more of in these times.

Therefore, if you’re into urban greenhouses, these are the trends you need to hop on.

Contemporary Yet Classic Structures

Urban greenhouses in 2020 are all about having a contemporary yet classic design. More and more people are interested in building their very own greenhouse in the city.

You would expect them to go for very modern and chic designs, which include metal structures and clear lines.

However, it seems people prefer traditional designs with some modern touches. They want conventional pieces, such as ones made of wood over metal, with certain modern elements such as tall structures.

Even though this can be more costly at times, the results are quite amazing.

If you still haven’t started on your greenhouse, now would be the time to start. More importantly, keep this trend in mind when you’re designing its architecture and layout.

Vertical Gardens

Even though vertical farms and vertical farming is a whole other aspect of urban agriculture, vertical gardens are also gaining popularity in urban greenhouses.

You might have a small rooftop to build a greenhouse on or even a tiny balcony. Alternatively, you might have a large greenhouse where you’ve utilized every inch of space.

For times like these, when there’s no more space to go forward, you go up. That’s right.

With vertical gardens, you can utilize the walls and, generally, all the vertical space available in your greenhouse. It can be a bit tricky to get the lighting right and all the other equipment in place. However, once you get the hang of it, it can make things a lot easier.

Of course, it helps with your yield as well. You can use shelves and planters or go for already-prepared plant containers.

Medical Greenhouses

As great as greenhouses are for growing your own food, that’s not the only use they have. Of course, they’re great for the environment, and you get to save some money as well.

Those are all significant benefits, but what we’re talking about is their medicinal purposes.

Lately, we’ve found quite a few urban greenhouses that cater to medicinal needs and grow various medicinal herbs and plants.

If growing simple plants sounds a bit boring for you, you can consider growing medicinal plants. Then, you can sell them yourself or give them to someone else. The possibilities are endless.

Greenhouses Not Just for Growing

Despite their name, greenhouses aren’t just popular for growing your favorite greens. Instead, they are being used in a wide variety of ways.

We’ve already mentioned how they are being used to grow medicinal plants, but there’s so much more you can do in an urban greenhouse.

Greenhouses and greenhouse kits simply have this ambiance or something in the air, which makes you feel better by spending time there. Therefore, many people have started using the space for doing other things such as art and painting.

Of course, they continue to grow plants there as well. In fact, the combination of both activities in that light and calm space is what makes it that much more enjoyable.


Is there anything more satisfying than growing and picking your own food and herbs?

You know exactly where everything is coming from, how it was grown, what it contains, etc. Additionally, you don’t have to be worried about harmful chemicals and pesticides in your vegetables. You can also significantly reduce your food miles.

All this is possible only because of that urban greenhouse. What’s more, now that you know about all the latest urban greenhouse trends, you can make sure yours is updated and the best out there.

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