The street signs that you come across every day are there to keep the traffic organized and running smoothly. The street signs are normally made of metal or plastic, but they can be damaged easily due to external factors. It’s important to maintain street signs so that they remain legible for safe driving.

Top 4 Tips To Maintain Your Traffic Signs And Keep Your Roads Safe

Maintain Your Traffic Signs and Keep Your Roads Safe

Have you recently had a street sign replaced? Are street signs in your city outdated and faded?

You want drivers to see street signs and react accordingly – it’s the key to avoiding road accidents. But street signs need regular maintenance and regular replacement. This can be an expensive process, but there are some best practices that you can adopt as a street sign maintainer to cut down on costs and do the job right.

  • First, ask yourself whether your street signage needs repair or replacement. Traffic signs made from steel will rust over time; those made from aluminum won’t. If street signs have been around for more than 5-10 years, they should probably be replaced with new ones. It’s much better to err on the side of caution when it comes to street signage.
  • Second, who maintains street signs? Municipalities are responsible for the upkeep of street signage. They may not have a street sign department per se, but they should have people in charge of keeping street signs in good condition. Whether you approach these officials directly or hire an outside street sign Service Company is up to you. But know that local governments will expect fair prices for replacing street signs on their roads, while some street sign services might try to overcharge depending on how much work needs to be done. Be sure to get at least three price quotes before hiring anyone to assess your street signs.
  • Third, assess the damage before you replace traffic signs on city streets. If there are major street signs issues like street sign theft, vandalism, or road sign damage due to construction, you should replace street signs as soon as possible. If street signs are in good condition but old and faded, consider new street sign paint instead of buying new street signs.
  • Fourth, decide whether there’s a street sign maintenance service in your city that you can call for repairs when needed. There might be companies in your area that offer street signage replacement services for specific street signs (like stop signs or yield signs). These businesses will often provide quick turnaround times with affordable prices; they’re worth considering if you want to cut costs on-street signage maintenance.


What Street Sign Maintainers Can I Hire?

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There are street sign services out there, but you might need to become your own street sign maintainer. If street signs on your city’s roads are old and faded, new street sign paint can make them look new again. You may also be able to create durable street signs using recycled materials like plywood.

Why Is Street Signage Important?

Street signs help drivers know what they’re looking at on the road; this makes for safer driving conditions. Street signs also serve as a reminder of traffic rules and local regulations. They keep drivers aware of their surroundings while increasing awareness of community laws and ordinances related to street parking and carpooling/ride-sharing programs.

When Should I Replace Street Signs?

If street signs are rusted, very faded, or have been around for more than 10 years, you should replace street signs. It’s better to err on the side of caution regarding street signage replacement. If street signs are only slightly faded but old-looking, new street sign paint may be all that is needed to keep them looking great.

How Do I Maintain Street Signage?

How do I maintain street signage

Evaluate the condition of street signs regularly and report any significant damage right away; this will make it easier to know when street sign repair needs doing. Use touch-up paint as necessary to address minor issues like surface scratches and scuffs. When possible, choose environmentally friendly options like biodegradable traffic curb painting solutions instead of harsh chemicals.

How Do Street Sign Replacement Services Keep Signage Safe?

Street sign replacement companies often work with the local government to set street signs in place at designated street sign locations. They can also use street signage brackets to ensure street signs stay upright and stable even during extreme weather conditions. Street sign replacement services may also help maintain street signposts or traffic light poles.


Keeping street signs in good condition is the best way to keep traffic signage looking great. Whether you hire street sign replacement services or take matters into your own hands, be sure to know what street signs you need before making any purchases.

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