The coronavirus hit the fitness industry hard. Nearly 60% of Americans do not expect to renew their gym membership when the pandemic ends.

Sanitation is one of the primary concerns. For this reason, people are increasingly turning to gyms at home. Exercising at home is a great way to save money and reduce your risk of Covid-19 exposure. Gym members no longer feel comfortable working out in an enclosed space with large groups of people.

Read on to learn about setting up gyms at home. Explore 6 tips for setting up a home gym that accommodates your weekly workout schedule.

1. Set Your Gym Goals

Set Your Gym Goals

Before starting on this journey, decide what you want out of gyms at home. Are you looking to build muscle? Or is the emphasis on weight loss and getting tone?

These are important questions as they will dictate how you move forward. Your fitness goals guide purchasing decisions and how you use open space.

2. Clear a Large Space

You need an open space for gym equipment. Items like treadmills and weightlifting benches take up a lot of space.

Our recommendation is to map out your home gym. Measure out the dimensions of your basement, garage, or spare room. Then sketch out how large gym items fit into the open space.

3. Shop for Bargains

To get in shape, you do not need the latest and greatest gym equipment. Many things that you need can be found secondhand.

People are always selling gym equipment at garage sales or online. Specifically, look for dumbbells and benches. These items require minimal maintenance, if any, and get the job done regardless of age.

4. Emphasize Health and Safety

Emphasize Health and Safety

Professional gyms are safe places to work out. Equipment is operated and maintained to promote health and safety.

Working out at home carries some risk. You have to consider safety when creating your home gym.

Everything down to air quality requires attention. For example, you make need to purchase an air filter cleaner. This will help you breathe clean air while working out under strenuous conditions.

5. Gym Flooring

Do not put heavy gym equipment on unprotected flooring. Dropping plates or dumbbells is likely to rip up the carpet or scratch hardwood.

The solution is to lay down affordable flooring. Many use rubber exercise mats. Horse stall mats provide an affordable alternative.

6. Build a Gym Atmosphere

Many people find motivation in the atmosphere of a gym. Your home gym is no different.

Hang body length mirrors so that you can ensure good form. Install a stereo or television to provide a distraction during long runs. Make cleaning items readily available so you do not need to frequently leave the room.

Setting Up Gyms at Home: A Recap

You do not need a fancy gym to get in shape. With the right space, you can meet your fitness goals in the convenience of home. Steps like bargain shopping and mapping out the gym space go a long way.

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