As a student, you’re responsible for staying up to date with test dates, tests, schoolwork tasks, and end-of-the-year tests. What’s more, perhaps you participate in after-school exercises and sports. This makes it much harder for you to track due dates and tests.

If you feel that you’re sinking in a heap of tasks, you want to add some organization to your life. These are probably the best study planner applications that can assist you with set times to study and help you to remember forthcoming tests so you’re not overwhelmed.

There are applications for each need. Regardless of what your identity is and what your need is. Regardless of whether you are a student, working professional, business entrepreneur, or homemaker. There is an excessive number of online classes, tasks, and different exercises nowadays making it difficult for students to keep all their assignments and tasks in check.

Study planner apps help the day with daily tasks. These applications have in-app tools that help you stay on track with tasks, tests, and different exercises.

Study Planner Apps

1) Chipper

Using Chipper can significantly further develop your time-usage abilities. This study planning app comes furnished with a few tools committed to students. You can easily add every one of the courses that you’re taking, and sort them by time and date in the timetable.

You can also add tests, schedules, school work, lab so that you can be up to date with your tasks. When you’re prepared to study, open the Study tab to set a clock for your session.

2) Todoist


On the off chance that you regularly get derailed studying, you ought to consider downloading Todoist – it accompanies the capacity to mute notifications from other apps.

This easy-to-do list tool additionally allows you to plan tasks like a problem to solve, specific pages to read, or various terms to memorize. Todoist permits you to set a clock so you can manage your time efficiently as well.

As you add errands and start finishing them, Todoist will show you how long you’ve spent on your coursework and the level of studying that you’ve wrapped up. Todoist also accumulates insights on the entirety of your study sessions and showcases them in helpful graphs.

3) Lio

Lio is an incredible application that assists you with getting your life in order. It is helpful for every individual who needs to monitor data. The Lio App offers templates for a wide range of individuals like students, homemakers, small business owners, and more. You can read Lio blog for detailed information related to your business queries and templates help. They also provide 24-hour customer support.

You can share and upload data on this app so you can stay on top of all your assignments and study sessions. Furthermore, all the data can be uploaded on their cloud storage feature which ensures the safety of your data.


4) iStudiez

iStudiez is one of the greatest appraised study planner apps created only for students. Enter your class plan including the educator’s name, contact information, and available time. You can color-code your classes and use symbols to easily filter the subjects.

“Week view” permits you to design out your time and prepare for the coming week. “Day view” shows your assignments and tasks for the day. For each class, you can add tasks, their due dates, and specific tasks related to them.

5) Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a revising of Wunderlist. The most amazing aspect of picking this app is that it is free if you already have a Microsoft Account. Even though this app is generally new, it offers a wide exhibit of features that is catered to students.

6) MyHomework Student Planner

MyHomework Student Planner is a great study planner App that gives you a timetable in which you may follow your upcoming projects, tasks, tests, and other vital deadlines, just as a schoolwork app in which you can sync your tasks and get updates for when they’re due – which helps you plan your assignments and deadlines accordingly.

MyHomework Student Planner

7) Evernote

A helpful app for retaining your mind in addition to your assignments prepared, Evernote allows you to sync private checklists and notes across gadgets, which means you could upload a task on one of the devices and later transfer it to some other without losing the data.

You can take notes in an array of formats, along with text, pictures, audio, web clippings, and films, and can attach Microsoft Office files and PDFs. It additionally lets you work collaboratively with others, as well as plan events and set reminders.

Being a student with overflowing tasks and assignments can be burdensome sometimes as it becomes difficult to stay on top of all your assignments, tasks, deadlines while also balancing co-curricular activities and other hobbies. Apps like these help you to stay organized and manage your studies and grades.

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