Traditionally, during the summer, people with oily skin suffer from rashes and inflammation caused by dirty and dry urban air. Would you like to have good skin? If yes, you have to make some efforts to get rid of oily shine and enlarged pores.

Study the top 5 skincare tips to avoid problems

1. Have a Washing Regime

The oily shine of your skin and enlarged pores might tempt you to clean it every hour, but remember the simple rule: the more often you remove your natural oil from skin, the more active your sebaceous glands start working and produce face oil. Frequent washings make things worse. It’s enough to wash your face twice a day using cosmetics for oily skin.

2. Use Scrub to Clean Your Dermis Deeply

Your face might be covered with blackheads as the result of clogging your pores with the dead dermis. If you want to avoid any problems with clogged pores, get into the habit of exfoliating your skin and dispose of dead cells twice a week. Pick up a time-tested purifying gel scrub that will make your face smooth and clean. Remember the proverb, “Measure is a treasure,” over-exfoliation can make your dermis dry.

3. Keep a Diet Rich in Vitamins

Dermatologists strongly recommend changing your eating habits to have clean and healthy skin. First of all, give up eating sweets and junk. Stop drinking caffeine beverages and fizzy drinks. Eat more fruit, vegetables, cereals, and drink more clean water with a few drops of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Eating a few slices of kiwi every day will do you good. Lemon and kiwis help in treating acne and balance your complexion tone.

4. Do Sports

Sports help us not only to be fit. Exercising has a great impact on your complexion. Do you wonder what’s sport got to do with the skin’s health? When you work out regularly, it increases the blood flow and nourishes the skin cells. Sweating opens pores and removes toxins. If you are the kind of people who get upset about not having spare time to go to the gym or just go jogging because of bunch uncompleted college papers, feel free to get help with paper writing.

5. Don’t Neglect of Face Masks

Don’t forget to treat your skin with a face mask. A face mask is extra intensive skin care because it contains a great number of active substances that help to deal with any problem like a rash, inflammation, or blackheads. Unfortunately, some masks can’t cope with acne or pigmentation. In this case, you had better consult a dermatologist. Of course, one mask a month doesn’t solve your problem. But if you start applying them regularly, at least twice a week, soon you will notice what benefits you get. You could have your mask done in the beauty salon by a cosmetologist. Or you might use home products to get a natural-component mask. For example, you can use a mask made from eggs and lemon juice, or bananas, honey, and oatmeal.

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